Friday, January 14, 2011

Papa Johnsssssss

Last night on the drive home, I had such a great view!

And I also had a craving for Papa Johns!
The have the best garlic sauce dip!! mmm!!

We just had a relaxing night in, me and the boys.

Tonight we are off for Mexican food with some friends. Looking forward to this 3 day weekend!!


J and A said...

Have a great weekend girl. Love that pic. Enjoy your boys!

The Nutty Brunette said...

WOW! How awesome is it that you get to see that on a regular basis!?!?!? LUCKY GIRL! And....I LOVE LOVE LOVE Papa Johns! I think I could eat their pizza everyday for the rest of my life! Yummm...Soooo delish! They are BY FAR my favorite! Hope you have a great weekend!

Rach said...

That's what my drive to and from work looks like as well! We are so lucky to live in CA. Have a wonderful weekend girl!

Jessica said...

wow that view is gorgeous! and I love papa johns and their garlic sauce! We just had it for dinner last night!

Marian said...

Papa John's and Mexican....two of my favorites!!!