Friday, March 29, 2013

14 Years

14 years ago, I was saying goodbye to my mother. It is crazy to think I have almost lived half my life without her. It's not fair that God takes good people. She fought so hard to stay longer with my sisters and I. She was the strongest person I knew. She gave me the best gift of having 2 sisters to go thru life with.
I miss her every. single. day.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How I spend my days off

Being a dispatcher, we don't have normal 8-5 shifts. It's too complicated to get into, but every week I have days off during normal peoples work time. 
I am a pretty routine person, and I usually do the same thing.
Lazy morning or I actually make it to the gym, lunch with my stay home mom friends, a trip to Target, and a afternoon nap with Frap.

I got my first box! I finally decided to join! Want to join? Click here

Already looking forward to my next one!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Birthday Fun

Saturday I celebrated my 29th birthday!
Holy cow!! Where does time go?!

I spent the morning lounging around, husband made me cinnamon rolls and I bedazzled my King's jersey. Then we headed to the King's game and when I got home, I headed to the hospital to meet the newest baby in my life. One of my best friends brought Karlee into the world that afternoon.

My friends sure know me!
Lookie Lookie!!
Dinner with great friends

Here's to my last year in the 20's!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Go Kings!

Our new favorite thing to do is attend Kings games! If it wasn't so expensive we would go a lot more often too. 
I grew up watching hockey because we are from Canada and my dad used to ref. The hubs used to play hockey growing up and in hockey, so its nice that we both have a love for it.

We took my dad and his pop on Monday night. A night to remember for sure.

Of course I switched out my charms in my locket
Ran into my friend Kristin

Anyone else enjoy going to games?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

House Update

Weekends off for the husband means lots of time to work on the house. I am so proud of all the work he has done for us and saved us a lot of money.
The most amazing change so far is our fireplace.
And here is the mantle, the TV will be going up soon
Here is the area near the front door, new light to keep the creeps away
Almost all the base boards are up, and new electrical box in the living room
I love owning our house so much, it's so nice being able to do whatever we want.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Time is Up

Many of you have read that the in laws have been staying with us the last week, and I am now to the point of exhaustion and pure frustration.
A week with anyone is probably too long. After working 12 hour days for 3 in a row, all I want to do is come home to a quiet house, sit on the couch, and catch up with my husband. We all know that isn't happening.  There have been so many things that have ticked me off this week. The cake topper? Hearing my favorite coffee cup was broken by them. Might sound stupid to you, but after everything else, and I wasn't the one to break it? I literally lost it. I am even mad at my husband. Sad that family visiting can put such a strain on your marriage.
Sad that I had to put the other cups in my room.
Anyways... I am praying that this is coming to a close and they head home.
Hopefully Monday and Tuesday give me some days to cheer up for my birthday this weekend.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

All up in my Space

I am very thankful for my two sets of in laws... it could have been way worse!
Hubs dad died in a plane accident when he was a baby, so the grandparents did most the raising...
Hubs is their whole world... their baby. Sometimes I think they forget he is almost 30...And married.
Enter... staying at our place. 2 weeks wasn't going to happen. That's just too long. For anyone to stay, not just them.
And she called me Ashley. Hubs ex... sweet.
and continues to enter our room to make the bed and do my laundry.
Sweet gesture... but don't need her folding my under garments... 
I have decided on birthday plans so they will have to go home before that.... :P
Sean picks Catherine... pretty shocked... even though I read the spoilers I just don't get it.. seems a little immature and not ready for marriage. We shall see...
I hear Desiree is the next bachelorette.... eehh
Was hoping for Lindsey

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Once again, its amazing how fast the weekend went!! Ugh!!
Saturday I spent the day with hubs, we went to Lowe's and Target. He is such a handy guy and I am so proud of everything he has done on our house.
I have been stalking our mailbox waiting for these bad boys!
I also ditched my gels! They were chipping and coming off way to fast for the $30 I was shelling out. Back to painting them and putting the money towards house stuff.
The first night with the in laws was rough to say the least... they are technically the grandparents and were up every few hours. Not fun when I had training at 6:30 this morning :(
Back to bed at 8pm tonight!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Kyle: I had such a blast with you at the Kings game, we should go more often!
Dear Weekend: I am so excited to have 3 days off!! 
Dear Gels: I am over you! I am calling it quits tomorrow!
Dear Birthday: I don't know what to do with myself!! Decisions, Decisions.
Dear In Laws: Looking forward to the visit, just thinking 2 weeks is too long....!! :)
Dear Vacation: we need to plan something stat!! 2 weeks in July, 2 weeks in September...
Dear Nacho Night: Looking forward to all our favorite peeps under one roof!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pins I'm loving

We have now almost been in our house 5 months! Boy does time fly!
There is always something the husband is working on, or wanting to improve. We are currently updating the fireplace, pictures to come soon on that.
Here are some pins I love...
Now if money would grow on our trees!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Concert's on the Calendar

Up first, Tiesto that we attended this past Saturday!
I was excited for this one out of the love that my husband has for being a DJ. Unlike any other concert I had been to before! To think a DJ can sell out Staples is unreal but so cool!
Come July,
NKOTB, Boyz to Men and 98 degrees.... talk about old school!!!
I am actually excited to hear Boyz to Men...  remember I'll make love to you??
Two weeks later is Kenny Chesney/Eric Church
and the next night
JT and JayZ!!
Talk about excited for Summer!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Taking a step back

I have felt a lot of stress the last few days, and I am not even sure why!!
I do have a stressful job, but there is no reason I should feel the way I do.
For that reason, I am going to make some changes. I am going to start spending my days off doing what I want to do. No more catering to other people. I need to worry about myself. Whether that means working out, meeting the husband for lunch, going to Target alone, there will be changes.
This is my working weekend, but I am taking a short day tomorrow to see Tiesto with the hubs.
Then a birthday dinner after work Sunday for the hubs bff.
This is how I left this morning. Talk about wanting to crawl back in bed!
And lastly, I got my #Carabox from Stormy. To join in the swap, go visit Kaityln's blog.
To see what I sent Nicole, head here
Happy Friday!