Thursday, September 30, 2010


Thank you guys for your well wishes for Frappy! He was much more himself yesterday/last night and I can't wait to see him in a few hours!
Here is a picture from last night...

Here are some decorations that needed to be put up...

One of our mirrors that I decorated...
Our desk...

Cool straws I found for our party...

The sign on our front door... sorry kinda blurry

And here are the invites for our Halloween party

Each card was stuffed with cute Halloween confetti and all the info for the party.

So happy tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Frappy scare...

Last night my little guy had another bad seizure, so bad that I thought he was gone. It all happened very fast, I woke up because he came over to me, and I knew immediately a seizure was happening. I held him, went to the living room, and instead of being tense like he usually is, he let out this awful cry and then his body went limp. I thought I had lost him. We ran out the door and into the car and on the way to the animal hospital and he started to come around. It was the most unreal thing. I was white as a ghost in the face and so sweaty because I thought my nightmare was coming true. I am happy to say he is okay today, ate breakfast and being normal... I have no idea why last nights episode was so much worse than usual but I pray he stays okay. He is only 7... and little dogs usually live awhile... Say a prayer for my little Frappy if you want :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brad again?

Haven't posted since Thursday and I feel so behind! This past weekend was really nice, lots of fun. Friday we had dinner at at Benihana type restaurant. It was so yummy!! Its quite pricey so its more of a special occasion thing but we hadn't been in awhile so we decided to go. That place never disappoints me!

Saturday was a quieter day, we had a nice breakfast at Noah's Bagel. I just love their cinnamon sugar bagels! We hit up Target and Marshall's and then I was on my own as the boy had another wedding.

Sunday we went to brunch, grocery shopped, and then decorated our place for Halloween. I met a friend for coffee in the afternoon, went to Target again, and then decided to try Sizzler for dinner since Ive never been... OMG... Have any of you been before?? YUCK!! So not my cup of tea!! Maybe its just ours, but the place was sooooo run down. My pasta was literally uneatable, and the clam chowder soup was like water tinted with the flavor of fish. Not good... I guess it used to be a really good place years ago but not anymore... And the weird thing, the place was packed!! But with really weirdo people.

On to the Bachelor... Brad again?? Why?? I am sure I will still watch for some reason but I am not thrilled with their choice. I am sure Chris turned them down as I am sure they wanted him... Any of you watching Dancing with the Stars? Interested to see how long Audriana and Mike stay around...

I tried a new recipe last night and it was sooo yummy!! Chicken with a tomato cream sauce. Delish. We also had our good friends over and it was just a fun night catching up, laughing so hard I shed tears.

Off  to read your blogs :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


you could go back and be any age again, what age would you choose and why?

Part of me would say 14 so that I could see/talk to my mom again. I miss her so very much.

Part of me would say 23, when I was in college and not having to worry so much about being a grown up and paying bills and all of that. I am still not in the career of my choice so its frustrating trying to figure out what my next direction is... I am so grateful I have a job but I either need to go back to school or end up in the Law Enforcement field.. which is proving not easy..

I see many of you have decorated for Halloween so I am gonna start tonight!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekened of Relaxing

This past weekend consisted of lots of relaxing and lounging around. I  really need to get caught up on my sleep and it happened. Friday night we went to my friend Kim's house because she was having people over for dinner because they were leaving on Sunday for their wedding. It was nice to have some time with them before they left. They got married yesterday.

  Saturday I met Kim at the nail salon for pedicures and I enjoyed every second of it. He massaged my feet/calves for so long. He got a good tip after that.  After that, KT and I went back to Michael's and got a few more things but I can hardly remember what... I know we got a little strobe light that makes haunted noise that we will put by the front door for Halloween. We also got a tombstone figure that we'll use for decoration. We stayed in Saturday night and just had a low key night which was nice.
Sunday we went to Party City since I found a good coupon online and we found Kyle a costume there. I wanted him to be
since he is known for making such yummy tacos but he wanted to be some sort of pimp or something. Ill post pictures of that later...
I feel like Ive hit up every store that sells Halloween stuff so I'm kinda bummed because I want more stuff lol
I think I need to decorate so I remember what I already have...
Here are some pictures from the weekend...

pedicure :)

my little cutie pie

Laying in the sun

I won a great giveaway from Shandell!! I got this in the mail over the weekend!

All 8 of them! So excited to start trying them out!! Thanks Shandell!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Get on the ground!

I was awoken at 3:30am to a police officer telling someone to get on the ground. Yes, 3:30am. Me and the boy woke up at the same moment and looked at each other and then hopped out of bed and ran for the window. We could only see one police car with its lights off and then eventually we saw more cars come. They were clearly looking for someone and even had their dogs out looking. I turned my police scanner app on and tried to figure out what was going on. To say I was awake is an understatement. I had such a hard time falling back asleep and right now I am so exhausted. I saw this morning on the police departments website that an 18 year old had broken into a home and the dogs were barking and woke the parents. The kid jumped from a 2 story window and tried to run. Thankfully they eventually found him! What is wrong with people??

Last night I had our favorite Mexican food place for dinner and then we went to the Halloween store to look for decorations/costumes. I am so happy because I found my costume! I had no idea what I wanted to be but it fits perfectly and I'm happy! It wasn't cheap so I hope to wear it at least twice this Halloween! Ill give you a hint... its red and black....

Then we hopped over to Michael's because I had some 50% off coupons and I knew they had Halloween decorations. I found some great things and I think I'm going back tomorrow because the coupon is only good thru tomorrow... anyone have a Michael's near them and want the coupon link?

Here is what I got...

Thinking of hanging these guys somewhere...

Table cloth, napkins, cupcake holders

Only $3.99 with coupon

This 5ft LED web! Super stoked on this, only $9 with coupon

Got these at Target for $2 each for the mirrors

I am so ready to start decorating but gonna wait until the end of the month. Tonight we are going to my friends house for dinner, they are off to Hawaii on Sunday and getting married Monday. I plan on getting lots of rest this weekend and catching up on my dvr :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lunch tote & BB12

Tonight is the finale of Big Brother! I am so sad I have to wait another year to watch it again! I wasn't too impressed with this season but I still didn't miss a thing... Its down to 3 boys who I really never wanted to win so its a toss up on who will take it... I wanted Britney to win it... I am hoping she wins Americas vote for the $25,000 because her house caught on fire yesterday and its not pretty...

I over booked myself this week... I made plans for every night of the week and I shouldn't have done that...  I came in early today to work so that I could leave at 4 and go to the mall with my friend who is getting married on Monday. She needs to get her fiances name engraved on his ring. So I am going along for the ride I guess... this is the same friend I posted about being friends with my ex bff.... yep we are talking and yes she is getting married in less than a week... Things have been really good between us since we talked. I have no idea if/how much she talks to crazy ex bff but I gotta let all that go. And yes, she hit up bf to DJ her reception. That will be in October and hopefully the ex friend will not be there.

I also finally took a picture of the lunch tote I won from Allison's blog. For the past two years I have just used a pink juicy bag as my lunch bag so finally I have something much better. Here it is... My name is in lavender, just hard to see...
I just feel so drained. I haven't had time to exercise because I do things right after work. Just gotta get thru 2 more days of work and then ill really enjoy the weekend :)

Here is me and the boy laying on the floor lol

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Solo Road Trip

This past weekend I took Friday off of work and hit the road to see my sister and the kids. I picked up a Starbucks on my way out of town and thankfully the hours went quick and I was there safely. We went to Target in the afternoon and I was happy to only spend $30 haha. And its not like I went there needing anything. I found some cute Halloween decals for my mirrors, I'll post pictures when I put them up. I cannot wait for October, I love Halloween!! Saturday was 9/11 and that's my nieces birthday and she turned one! My sister and the kids were pretty sick so we layed low most the weekend but it was nice to have alone time with them. I got up with Madi in the mornings at 7 on the dot, funny how the little ones get up like clock work. I love the time when she wakes up in the morning and after a nap, so happy and content :)
Sunday I left in the morning and tried to get to town before Kyle left for his wedding. I only saw him for about ten minutes but it was worth it to see him. I know its only Tuesday but I'm so ready for this weekend so I can really rest and get caught up on everything. I have plans every night this week so there is no rest for me really. Here are some pictures from my weekend...

driving solo :p
Little Jaguar
Had to bribe him for a picture :)

Tonight I am meeting an old co-worker for happy hour... and maybe going to the Halloween store after :)

Monday, September 13, 2010


I will finally write a post tomorrow!! I was gone all weekend at my sisters and today has been crazy at work!! I miss reading all your blogs so tomorrow I will catch up!! I am feeling sickness coming on so I am off to eat tacos at a friends house and then rest rest rest. And watch Bachelor Pad, the VMA's, Spin Crowd, and KUWTK.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day equals Perfect Weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! I love 3 day weekends!! Friday, KT and I went out for Mexican at our favorite restaurant. We swung by blockbuster on the way home but didn't see anything worth renting. We picked up Frappy and had a quiet evening. Saturday we had lunch together and then I layed poolside with my friend Andrea. Later that evening I hit the town with my friends for a bachelorette night out. She is getting married the 20th of this month in Hawaii so I wanted to do something special for her before that. We had dinner at a nice Italian place and then hit a few bars. We all felt like grandmas because we were all tired at midnight :)
The girls of the evening

My favorite picture of the night


Somehow I got us all in

Kim and I
I would say it was a success. Its not very often I go out with the girls and have drinks so it was fun.
Sunday I felt pretty lousy so I layed around most of the day. I hate that! But I did make it to the movies to see The Switch and I loved it!! I thought it was so cute and really funny!! I totally recommend it!!
Yesterday we drove out to the nearest Apple store to get new iPhone... well lets just say it didn't happen for me. My dad was a day late paying the bill and they wouldn't let me buy it until the bill was paid!! Grrrrr
Last night we had a BBQ with some of our closest friends and it was a blast. We made cheeseburgers and played catch phrase, what a fun game that is!! I had a really good weekend!!
Tonight I am picking up my little Frapster and catching up on Bachelor Pad, KUWTK, and Spin Crowd.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pluthera of thoughts

Here are two more pictures of me and Madison from last weekend... She is just too cute!

Last night we went to my friend Kristen's house for tacos. She just recently moved into the same complex where I live which makes dinner dates quite easy. Tonight I was thinking of going to Black Angus for happy hour... they have the best fried zucchini and the ranch is bomb too.
Tomorrow is Friday! woohoo!! And I get off work at 3! No big plans Friday night but that's okay because I'm expecting a late night on Saturday for my friends bachelorette dinner/night out.

Are any of you liking Bachelor Pad? I am rooting for Peyton to win... it should get interesting in the next couple weeks! Big Brother is also coming to an end here pretty quick! I think they had good ratings so it should be back next summer. Still wanting Britney to win! She is very knowledgeable about the game so I'm hoping she pulls thru and messes up the brigade. I think Lane just realized he cannot win  against Hayden and now wants Brit in the final 2...
Ive also been noticing that Halloween stores are getting ready to open! I LOVE Halloween time!! My most favorite holiday! I want to get my costume soon as the stores open because they never have much to choose from in my size.
Here's a fun pic from last year :)