Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bad blogger

Since I started the new job, my days have been too long and I have nothing to really write about since I  work for 12.5 hours nothing to exciting happens... At my old job I would literally blog for hours and it was great. 
Yesterday was the start of wedding season for my bf so I was kind of like a lost puppy with nothing to do. I had the whole day off, so I drove up to my old job and had lunch with my old co workers, then picked up Frappy and we took an afternoon nap. Then I really didn't know what to do with myself so I headed to the mall. First I hit Hollister and got two shirts for the bfs sister who turns 12 today. Then I stopped in VS and got a new bra, after 2 $10 off cards and a gift card, I only paid $6 for the bra. Score!

Then I stopped in Wet Seal to check out the jewelery, the birthday girl is into "owl" stuff so I got her a necklace and a ring. Then I went to Sephora because I needed a new eyeshadow primer. I had a gift card and ended up spending only $2. Score again.

Then I checked out Forever 21, not too impressed with the clothes but I found an owl bag for you know who...
Hope she likes her gifts!

Who all watched the Royal Wedding?? I bet you all did...
I loved it! Thought Kate looked amazing.

And lastly, the dogs...

Happy Saturday!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday= My Saturday

I worked the last 3 days so today is my weekend! It feels so weird to be off when the bf is off to work, kinda sad at times but its nice to get things done when most people are at work. 
Friday and Saturday I went out riding with a deputy all day instead of working inside dispatch, its helpful because we learn more about the geography and we are able to see how long certain calls take. On Saturday we took a young girl to jail for being under the influence of Crystal meth... the girl was also illegal and will probably be sent back to Mexico today... its amazing to see how many people go to jail in my county every day. I worked yesterday and most the day was pretty slow since everyone was at church or family functions, but then it got crazy as the day ended. People drink too much and there were so many domestic calls and lots of people were off to jail.

I wish I could have spent it with my sisters and the kids, but maybe next year when I am not so new and will be out of training. Here are my niece and nephew from yesterday.
Miss Madi is finally walking :)

Here is my goddaughter Ava

And here is a rainbow from the other night, if you look closely you might see two...

I am off to shower and run errands. Happy Monday girls!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One day...

Only one day off this week... Was supposed to be off tomorrow but we are taking over time to attend a Civil class... hopefully its interesting but I am bummed because I really wanted to see the Red Sox while they play the Angels. Tomorrow night would have been my only chance but I know we would be late and to me its not worth the money to be late. Sucks because I am working Fri/Sat/Sun so I wont be able to see them play at all. I wanted to wear my new cute Red Sox sweater I got from VS.
Today I had lunch with my friend Kim, ran to target for the 2nd day in a row, and visited my friend Brooke and her baby Brinley.  I was bad and didnt take pictures...

Here is what we bought the night before at Target... nothing too exciting...
I do love lemon Pine Sol!! Smells so good!!
Got those cute balls for Frappy to play with too.

Here is a picture the bf took the other night when we were sleeping.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

3 day weekend coming to a close...

Its amazing how fast 3 days off goes!! I am trying to do nothing right now to make the time go slower because its already 3pm on Sunday!
Friday I finally made it to the Coach store, had lunch with 2 of my girlfriends that are 8 months pregnant, ran errands, and ordered pizza for dinner. mmmm Papa Johns!
I finally found a wallet to match my purse. 

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Megan and got pedicures which was exactly what I needed. Then I went and set up for "Dispatcher of the Year". Each agency in our area picks one person to be awarded, I hope to get that some year! It was Mardi Gras theme and I thought we did a great job decorating!

Here is the view from where we were....

We have had such a gorgeous weekend, the weather has been amazing. Today we slept in, went to breakfast/lunch, went to Fresh n' Easy for the first time (still don't know how I feel about that place....) then stopped by my dads for some sun with Frappy.

I am off to get a massage in a few, my shoulders are so jacked for some reason. Here's to a good week!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Last night I took my first real sad call, although I know eventually something worse will top that call from last night. A girl called in screaming that her friend had jumped off the pier into the ocean and couldnt get back to shore. Towards the end of the call it sounded like they were losing sight of him. We dispatched divers, the fire department, our helicopter, the coast guards, another police agency, and I think they found his body 3 hours after the initial call... Pretty sad. And he was only 25. 

Another really sad thing that is weighing on my heart is the trial that started this week for my cousin Kyle who was murdered 2 years ago.
I just feel so bad for my aunt and his girlfriend from the time as they testify and re-live all this all over again. I wish I could be there for my aunt but with the job its not possible. I really hope justice is served in this although it will not bring my cousin back. 

I am now going to enjoy my three day weekend ahead....
Today I am having lunch with some friends, finally make my way to the Coach store, hit up the big Forever 21, get my car washed, and hang with my Frappy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

First weekend working

Today is my Saturday! I worked 7 days in a row, 5 of them were in the academy and the last two were out on the floor answering real calls and dispatching on the radio! Saturday and Sunday I worked  a 12.5 hour days and it was a great weekend at work! On Saturday it was pretty busy, we had a plane go down near a busy shopping center but thankfully everyone made it out okay! We also had a carjacking and 30 minutes after the call our gang unit found the guys in the car and it turned into a pursuit and then they crashed, started running, then got tazed by our guys and off to jail they went. Pretty awesome that they were caught! I never understand criminals, why would you stay in the same town after you carjacked someone? So strange!
Today I am going to go to the Coach store and try and find a matching wallet for my black purse, have lunch with 2 girlfriends, catch up on my shows, and hang with Frappy!

Here is some pictures from last week when we met Brinley!

And here is our goddaughter Ava...

Happy Monday to you all!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Newport Princess

Friday my sisters and the kids arrived in town for the weekend and it was so great seeing them. We had dinner together at my dads and then Saturday we headed to Newport Beach for my cousins wedding. We boarded the Newport Princess and cruised the harbor for the ceremony and reception. I think it was a perfect wedding for her. Small and intimate and it was really special.
Kinda reminds me of the boat at Disneyland :)
My boy 
My sisters and Madi

Sunday I brought donuts over for the kids before they had to head home.
so cute

Yesterday at work I took my first 911 calls and it was so awesome. I cant wait to hit the floor this weekend and get my feet wet!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Helicopter Ride

On Wednesday I got to go on a helicopter ride for being a new employee of the department, it was so awesome!! It made me think of being on a bachelor date for a minute lol. We were up for about two hours and at times I felt a little sick but I was just trying to enjoy every minute of being up because its not an every day experience. 
Our ride
gorgeous view
The Coast
Enjoying myself :)
We flew by my boyfriends work and he saw us :)

Thursday night we met some friends at the beach for a BBQ at sunset, it was such a nice ending to the day.

Me and Frap <3