Friday, May 30, 2014

Make this Stat

Seriously, soooooo good. So easy to make.

Box of colorful noodles
Cut up cucumber
3 small tomatoes cut up
One small red onion cut up
Cut up cheese, whatever kind you like!
Broccoli ( I think I did too much)
Bottle of zesty Italian dressing.

Boil water, add noodles, rinse with cold water. Mix everything, pop into fridge. Chill. Eat. 
Heaven in your mouth.

Happy Friday friends

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hump Day

Yay day shift is here!! Although it's rough waking up at 530 am, its better than working all night!! I have been here for 12 minutes and already ready for a nap... Counting down until Friday and my 3 day weekend!

I am so excited my gym starting offering yoga classes! This is something that really brings me peace and calms any anxiety I may have. Looking forward to June when it's on the schedule a few times a week.

I was excited to find my Influenster box at my doorstep this week. Lots of fun things to try out.
I think my favorite item is the new shaker cup! I even caught hubs using my bath salts last night as he was soaking. 
(I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes)

I find myself rocking this new shirt quite often, it's so comfy! 

One of my apps on my phone told me to do something nice for myself.. you don't have to tell me twice! 
Mani and Pedi it was!

Lastly, I ended up in the ER for the first time ever after throwing up for 18 hours. Lovely stomach bug + bladder infection made me super dehydrated and ill. I am all better though!


Monday, May 19, 2014


Took a nice break from blogging, didn't have much going on so I just took time away. Being on nights literally makes me a zombie and I get nothing accomplished. I just have to get thru 4 more nights this week and then I will be back to days. #hallelujah

My grandma and aunt came from Canada and spent some time here and in Maui (jealous). It is always sooooo nice having them here, and oh so hard saying goodbye. 

While they were here we had a horrible heat wave. 100 degrees and we were dying. It is finally cooling off but I still bought a $400 a/c unit for our bedroom. Not going to be miserable any longer!

Had to keep a cold towel on the Frap

Went to a fun training exercise at work for our bomb team, got to blow a few things up. They have an awesome but dangerous job.

Have any of you heard of this book? I was never a fan of Courtney but I think I want to read it..

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


This past weekend was low key and just what I needed. Kind of felt like I had 4 days off even though I had a little OT on Friday. 

I honestly can't remember what we did, I just know it wasn't much.
The worst part of night shift is being away from these 2. I sure hope Frappy sleeps the day away with me today!

Saturday I walked a 5k with a girlfriend which raised awareness for people with mental health issues. It was at the beach and a nice day for it. We just had to wear ugly shirts...
Saw this cutie at the walk..

On Sunday we ran a few errands, had lunch, napped, and went to a friends house for Cinco de Mayo. Came home, watched some TV, and went to bed early with my favorite dude.

Still on nights and miserable. Ready for it to be June.