Monday, November 25, 2013

Up, up and Away

After a long weekend of working, I sadly don't have much to report on. I am looking forward to this week, well kind of... tomorrow night is Justin Timberlake, then sadly I am working Thanksgiving, and a King's game on Saturday night. Love having fun stuff to look forward to.

Last Thursday for work, I got to go up in my departments helicopter for a tour of the county. Whenever we have new hires, this is something they get to do, I just got lucky and got to go along. 

The gorgeous area where Britney Spears lives... 
For all the crappy 911 calls I take, this definitely lifted my spirits and reminded me how blessed I am!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Girl time in Palm Springs

I feel completely blessed to live within driving distance of Palm Springs. It is my favorite get away and only takes 3 hours to get to.
About 2.5 months ago I started planning a getaway for whatever girlfriends wanted to go. Resort was booked, bags were packed, and 4 of my favorites and I were off!
It was a quick trip... gone about 26 hours total. But we managed to lay poolside, have drinks, dinner on the resort, more drinks, sit in the hot tub, and just chat as friends.  We were all in bed by 1030 (real party animals!) and back on the road by 9am.
I am already counting down until when I am back at that resort... it really is amazing.
This was a little scary driving out there... praying it cleared up!



Hopefully this becomes an annual thing!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Some Zzzzz's

Ahhhh!! I seriously am tired of feeling exhausted after just waking up in the morning.
Maybe it's because I had such a fun weekend, that I really wasn't ready for today. I am counting down until I leave work in 11 hours and crawling back into my bed...
Friday, we had a double date at a awesome wine bar in town.
I will be back tomororw to post about my fun weekend in Palm Springs with my girlfriends...
Until then... my boys. Always so hard leaving them in the mornings.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mock Wedding Shots

Happy Tuesday! I just love good mail days, and yesterday was no different! We got the disc with the pictures from our mock wedding a few weeks back. We are SO happy with them!! I see lots of canvases and framed photos in our future! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

5 things Friday

I want to say SO badly that I am excited it's Friday, but I really am not since I am working the entire weekend. I am super thankful I took the afternoon off on Sunday, so I am counting down for 1 pm Sunday to be here!
1. We went to the King's game last night. Always a fun time and always happy to be there.
2. The Jambalaya for dinner last night was bomb diggity. Perfect amount of spice.
3. My Husband. I am super thankful for him and all that he does.
4. My new coffee cup for work. So cute.
5. Apparently I am obsessed with the King's. Who am I??

Monday, November 4, 2013

What's Crackin

I am quite sad the weekend is already over. Especially with the time change, I am feeling a little thrown off. The husband and I were both in bed by 830, probably asleep by 930, and then a little disturbance at the neighbors had us up for a few hours after midnight. 
I failed at taking pictures this weekend, but we had a fun spending time together all three days.
Friday, we went to a restaurant in a nearby town, great atmosphere and great food.
Saturday we had brunch with our closest friends, hit Target and Starbucks, and then had those same friends over for dinner to watch the King's game. Perfect day.
Yesterday, I hit the gym, Michael's, had lunch with the husband, relaxed at the house, hit Starbucks, and then dinner with a friend. No complaints!
My new favorite drink... Iced Zebra Latte w/2 pumps
Huge shout out to my husband who works his butt off working on our house. Yay for a completed  fireplace!
Here's to a quick day!!

Friday, November 1, 2013


Did everyone enjoy their Halloween?
After working all day yesterday, the husband and I went to a friends house for dinner before calling it a night. I hope next year we get into the spirit a little more!
This is what I wore to work.
This is my cute little King's pumpkin I painted while waiting for the day to pass
A few pictures from our house, the mantel and fireplace
 Lots of skulls in our house
Love this little sign I found at Kohl's
I am looking forward to November, a time to remember how blessed we are and hopefully a trip to see my sister and kids