Monday, February 28, 2011

Ava Grace

I am so happy to say that my goddaughter is taking steps in the right direction and hopefully she will be headed home in just a few days! She is no longer on oxygen and they are just keeping a close eye on her. My bestie wasn't supposed to be released for 48 hours but thankfully they let her leave this morning so she could get to her baby. She was 45 minutes away at a hospital that has a NICU. Here is Ava today...

And the family

2nd week of work is going good so far, its only Monday though lol
I am close enough to home that I can run home to eat which is awesome! I even got to visit Frap!

Excited for the Bachelor tonight!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Taco + Friends

Last night we had some friends over for tacos, we used to do this quite often but we have cut back and only do it once a month or so. We had our usual crowd over and the main reason was so that Brooke could have a last taco night before the baby gets here. We ate, drank, and played a game called Imagine if...

Other big news... our goddaughter was born last night. She had air pockets in her lungs and was transported to another hospital 45 minutes from where her parents are. I feel so bad that they are going thru this. They barely got to see their daughter before she was whisked away. I think the air pockets are getting smaller so hopefully they will all be reunited soon. Please keep them in your prayers. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday was an awesome day at work as we took tours of the different jails and police stations in our area. We were gone all day and although it was really interesting, it was exhausting as well. 
We first toured the main jail in our city, and then saw another jail a town over. I found it all so fascinating and I asked 100 questions but I loved seeing how everything worked. Many times we were in the same room as inmates and that was pretty crazy/scary/strange. I would kinda hold my breath as they walked by or what not. Deputies aren't allowed to have their guns/knives in the jail so all they have for protection is their tazers. 
There are two people in particular that committed horrendous crimes from my town and I got to see where both of them are being held until they are sentenced. They are both in a cell by themselves for 23 hours a day, with an hour to shower and that's about it.

Lastly, I am loving my new Scentsy plug in...
and Frappy snoozing :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1st day

Today was my first day at the new job and it went really good! It was a day of introductions and what to expect for the next 7 weeks while we are in the "in-house academy".  I really like the other girl that was hired so I am thankful to have someone to go thru this with. I took a picture this morning on my phone of the uniform, no laughing girls... :)
The pants are still so big in certain areas, the crotch area is so long and I feel my butt looks way bigger then it really is. They also go up sooo high!! Green is so flattering.... bahaha

I also just caught up on the Bachelor...
I found these roses for $5 and had to have them :)
I loved seeing the hometown dates, especially Emily's. I could only imagine how freaked out Ricky was with all the cameras. Chawntels date freaked me the heck out!! She killed it. And her dad did too by making it sound like she wasn't leaving Chico.
I thought Emily looked STUNNING!!
She rocked the blue dress
I thought Chantel looked awful!! Eww for everything she chose, the dress and hair were hideous.

Off to bed, day 2 tomorrow!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brooke & Brinley

Today I went to a baby shower for my good friend Brooke. She is expecting a little girl named Brinley around March 26th. The shower was fun, good to see some familiar faces and I loved watching her open her gifts. 
We played a few games and ate some yummy stuff, and then watched her open a mountain of gifts. I personally loved everything I bought, I know Brooke's style and I know she liked the stuff I had picked out. 

Here is the mom to be and I...

My girls :)

Cutest shoes!

One more day off then I start the new job!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Medieval Times

Last night we went with our good friends Megan & Trevor to Medieval Times and what a journey it ended up being! I thought if we left 3 hours early we would make it in plenty of time but that so wasn't the case! I didn't think enough about the main factors... LA+Friday+Rain=CRAZINESS.
We saw 4 car accidents in a few hundred feet of each other. And there were about 4 cars that hit each other in all of those. The rain really messes up LA drivers...
It was 5:30 and the show started at 6:30 and the GPS said we still had an hour and 40 minutes to go... and only 36 miles.... thankfully we called and they changed our tickets to the 8:45 show. We stopped for appetizers and drinks and then finally arrived at our destination.
We rooted for yellow and sadly he didn't win...

Our knight threw me this flower :)

That big drink was $24...

Today we are just being lazy at home while the rain pours outside... 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A few things...

Not too much going on over here... just tying up some odds and ends before I start the new job next week. 
Today I finally signed my official hire paperwork and got my ID card and what not. Its pretty exciting :) It all feels real now. 
This afternoon I hung with the frapster, here he is trying to get the sun...
We are expecting rain tomorrow so that will take our sunshine away. 

I came across this blog and I thought I would share it with you all...

Tonight we are going for Mexican food with my girl Amanda and her guy.
Tomorrow is finally Friday for all you working girls :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day

I had a great Valentines day with the boyfriend yesterday! I have this whole week off before starting the new job next week so I have just been laying low and doing whatever I want :)
I met a friend for lunch and then took an afternoon nap and then we went and had sushi with two other couples. I also got beautiful flowers and a really cute card. I am all about cards :) And I prefer the Papyrus brand... I really would have just been happy with the card haha

Today I went and got my uniforms altered and the lady didn't seem to happy with all the work she was going to have to do... Not my fault the uniforms don't come smaller... I seriously look hideous though. Maybe ill post a picture when I get them back this weekend. Happy Tuesday girls!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zoo day

Today I had the privilege of taking my nephew to the zoo. Thankfully the bf came because 4 year olds have a ball of energy :)
We got there right when it opened and had the place to ourselves for a bit which was awesome except there were barely any animals awake or in their areas.
The zoo was fairly small so we saw everything in about two hours. It was nice to spend time with just the boys and spoil my nephew for a bit. 
Here's some pictures from the day...
Already chasing after him :)
Our photographer :)

Feeding the giraffe

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thanks Lindsay!

Lindsay tagged me for an award and I feel loved <3

Who inspires you?
I would say both my sisters inspire me. They both have had a lot of hard times in their lives but they continue to live life to the fullest. My younger sister Serena is deaf and losing our mom at 13 was hell. She lost such a huge piece of her life, my mom signed and really made her world go round. My older sister Diana had to step up and pretty much play mom at 16. Diana is now the mother of 2 and those two kids have brought so much joy to our family.

What is your favorite season and why?
Summer for sure!! I do not like being cold!!

What are you most looking forward to this year?
Starting my new job in two weeks!

If you could write a book about anything, what would it be about?
hmm tough one... maybe a children's book on how to deal with loss

What is your greatest passion?
I love dogs, I hope to one day have the opportunity to rescue/foster.

If you could change one thing about your life or yourself, what would it be and why?
I wish I was more outgoing, more spontaneous, less insecure

Lastly, what is your favorite novel?
I enjoyed a few lately...

And the 5 people I tag for this award...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

and we have a WINNER!

Congrats Jenny!

Well another day is coming to an end and that leaves me with 2 more work days... woohoo!
Tonight I am having dinner with a fellow Kristen and I am looking forward to it very much!

Monday, February 7, 2011

3 days

Until my last day!
I just got the call that the job is officially mine. Finally I can relax!! I am so excited!!
If you haven't yet, enter my giveaway!!

This weekend was pretty good... we went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory on Friday night. We had pretty lousy service but the manager said she was going to send us a gift card because she felt pretty bad for us. Of course we ended the evening with cheesecake...

Saturday was low key, we went and saw the movie 'No Strings Attached'. It was pretty good... I could have waited to see it on dvd...
Yesterday we watched the Superbowl at a friends house, it was also low key so I felt weird snapping pix...

Monday night = the Bachelor :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

CSN Giveaway!

Happy Friday! The nice people at CSN Stores contacted me about hosting a giveaway for their online shop.  CSN offers over 200+ shops to shop at, all at one convenient online destination. There are so many items that you are sure to find something!

I was recently checking out the TV Stands for Flat Screens so we can upgrade our living room a bit. Lots of great options on there!

CSN is offering a $25 gift certificate code to one of my readers toward the purchase of anything on their site.  So what kinds of things do they offer on their site? Let me show you a few things...

There are hundreds of options on their site!
So how do you win it?

For one entry, you must be a follower
For an extra entry, tell me what you are doing for Superbowl Sunday

 Contest ends on Monday(7th) evening, 12 am EST
US and Canada only

Thursday, February 3, 2011

5 1/2

Still counting down... I am so mentally checked out its not even funny.
I started throwing things away that were on the walls in my cube, I decided to take a picture too :)

When I start dispatching, I wont have my own cube/desk anymore, its just a desk you use while you are there, then you leave and the next shift takes over.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, we are going to the Cheesecake Factory with another couple. I am also looking forward to Sunday to watch the Superbowl and eat good food.

My last day at work is next Thursday, then I will have 11 days off before starting the new job. My sister and the kids will be down for a few days, but I also would like to get out of town for a few as well... I am thinking of heading here...

Looks like it will be warming up this weekend.... 80?? yes please!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider....

Isn't so itsy!!
This guy is creeping me out!!

He is hanging out above our carport. He's huge!!
But I didn't let the boyfriend kill him either because I thought that was sad too.  I just pray he stays put and stays away from my car.

Still 2 more hours of work.... blah!!

Here is something you don't know... I love to eat ice. I literally could snack on it all day. I like little pieces of ice and I just ran out so now I'm bored.