Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Brother

How many of you are watching Big Brother??
I am obsessed!! I follow people on twitter that literally recap what happens in the house all day long. 
I cant handle the fact that the POV or HOH has happened, and not knowing who won. They do everything days before it airs, so I just read ahead. I wish I had the live feeds but really don't have time for that.
Just wondering where you all stand??
I am total team Jeff & Jordan. I wish Jeff would have won.
Now that were down to 6, I would like to see Rachel win it. I think she is a NUT case, but at least she has won competitions and loves the game. 
Adam has done nothing....
Shelly played a total social game, but still useless.
Kalia, she has won when needed, but I'm not a fan...
Porshe, cant stand the girl. 
Jordan, sweet girl but not the best competitor

Tell me your thoughts!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Engagement Party

On Sunday we had our engagement party and our families finally were able to meet. The boy has 4 half siblings and they met my two sisters and my dad. It was a gorgeous day on the water and his mom was such a good host letting us have it and providing lunch. 

My family

His sister and her hubby

Megan, one of the b-maids

One of our favorite couples

Sisters and my aunt Cindy

I have had the past 3 days off which was really nice, and grave yard shifts are over for awhile. 
Lastly, some shots of Frappy :)

Too tired to eat his lunch


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dresses, dresses, and more dresses

Last Saturday I took 3 of my bridesmaids to go look at dresses, and my aunt joined us as well. I haven't seen too much of my aunt over the years, but it was really nice having her be so excited and help me with her opinions. We went to Pebbles in the valley, I had looked on Yelp and saw so many different reviews, some really bad, some really good. We got there around 11 and thankfully we had the bridesmaid section to ourselves. There were 3 rooms and I had 3 girls, even better. We pulled about 40 dresses it seemed, and my aunt and I sat and discussed the different dresses. I was not looking to buy, I just wanted to see color ideas as I am still not sure on what color I want. I did like a few dresses, but did not see the one. There is plenty of time until the wedding so all is good. I am leaning towards this charcoal grey color, I don't like the style of this dress, just the color!

I also like the idea of a teal color, we will see!!

I also am now hooked on Pinterest!! So many great ideas!!

I am so excited for this Sunday, we are having our engagement party and our families are finally meeting! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Grave yard and the Fair

On Tuesday night we headed to the Fair for our own little date night! We are always with friends but it was nice to just spend the evening alone. After spending $34 dollars on parking and entry tickets, I was already turned off before starting the night. We shared a few things to eat and walked around, but overall I was kinda disappointed. Very expensive to enjoy just a few hours. I will either skip it next year or go on the $3 before 3pm day. Here is our photo, wasn't that great to spend the money on so I took a screen shot.

And these donuts are to die for!!
Tossed with cinnamon and sugar, yum!

I also worked my first 2 grave yard shifts, much quieter and slower than what I am used to! Off to take a nap now before dinner with friends! 

Tomorrow I am going to my first bridal store to look at bridesmaid dresses for color ideas! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The search for white....

Yesterday I hit the mall in hopes of finding white outfits, and I actually found some great tops. I was hoping to find a white dress for our engagement party, but I found a great top from Express that I can pair with black shorts. Here is the top... normally $49.95 but I had a $15 dollar off coupon.

Also from Express, I found this shirt, normally $49.95, for $17.99

And lastly, this tank for only $17.99

From Forever, I found this top 

And lastly from Target, this dress

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Santa Monica

On Saturday, I had the privilege of picking up an old friend from LAX and taking him and his girlfriend over to Santa Monica while they had a 9 hour layover before headed to Bali. I am so happy that I was off this weekend so that I was able to see him. Our moms were very close friends, his mom even came down from Canada before my mom passed to help sort her things and say goodbye. We used to go to Canada every summer and spend time with their family on the lake. Those are memories I will never forget. 
After I got them from LAX, we headed to 3rd Street in Santa Monica and walked the long street of shops. We had dinner at Yankee Doodle and I had fun showing his girlfriend stores they don't have up in Canada. Like Forever 21 :)
We then headed over to the pier and walked around before it was time to head back to the airport. 

Yesterday we had a great Sunday, relaxing and visited some friends. Got the ring cleaned again, its amazing how much prettier it is after. 
Happy Monday!