Monday, May 30, 2011

Grumpy McGrumpster

Yesterday was shift change and no one decided to tell me I was supposed to be in a 3 instead of 11. I wasn't having the best morning and then showing up for work 4 hours early was not the best news. The training manager didn't realize we had to finish the last day with our new trainers on their old shift. So I returned home to rest and went back from 3-330am. I lasted longer than I thought I would, but around 2am I was tired and the clock dragged. I only slept about 5 hours and then saw my friend Kim is in labor and I couldn't go back to sleep. I went out to lunch with the bf and then picked up Frappy for an afternoon nap although the nap part isn't really happening.
He wants to go back to my dads...

Soon we will be heading to a BBQ at our friends house and hopefully soon after that I will be headed to the hospital to meet baby Kaylyn.

Here are some kids that light up my life...
Caden and Madison, can't wait to see them Friday

Miss Sophia

Happy Memorial day to you all! Feeling blessed to be an American

Friday, May 27, 2011

Payless and Idol

Random title I know... 
So I hopped on over to Payless on Wednesday because I had a great coupon and saw they had some cute sandals. These sandals were originally $24 but with the coupon, I paid $12!

Ill let you in on my favorite coupon site... 

I also got a cute dress from Target but undecided if its a keeper, I need to try it on again.

The bf worked an event on Wednesday for the American Idol finale, I hadn't watched much at all but it was still fun going and seeing who won. I love country music so I was glad to see Scotty win. My new sidekick is Kristin, its so fun having her as a friend and I am so happy we met.

They had two drink specials for the night, Lauren Lemonade and the McCreery Margarita. We opted for the martinis as those sounded better.

And lastly, Kristin and I went to this work out class that's designed just for women, it was like a core strengthening class. It was really awesome and the hour flew by, but holy hell that was Tuesday and today is Friday and I can still barely walk. My calves hurt like hell!! Hopefully I'm back to normal soon because I want to do it again this coming Tuesday!

Alright, I'm off to clean house and run errands. Happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I'm loving...

I am loving a lot of things in my life right now...
I am missing my nephew and niece like crazy, cant wait for my trip up to see them in June. Caden finished his last day of preschool and is turning 5 tomorrow. 

I got him some awesome presents for his birthday, can't wait to deliver them to him!

Yesterday I went to Ross, which is a hit or miss store for me. I found my favorite bubble bath, a cute picture frame, 2 shirts for my nephew, a "Cars" birthday gift, and this adorable dress for my niece.

For $6.99 mind you.

Last night we celebrated my new friend Kristin's birthday at Black Angus for Happy Hour. I am really enjoying getting to know her and it was fun seeing friends. Sadly I didn't snap any pictures.

Lastly, my goddaughter. She is adorable.

Today I am off to get my hair done, possibly hit the mall, and maybe see baby Sophia. Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

its technically my Sunday..

Back to work tomorrow for 3 days... hopefully it goes quickly. I always want exciting things to happen but that usually means criminals are out doing bad things and that doesn't make me happy... Catch 22.

Yesterday I visited Sophia for a few hours, I loved watching her sleep in my arms.

Shes already rocking her Dodger onsie, her dad is a fan of them.

Today I went to Marshalls and didn't find anything, bummed because I used to always find stuff. Then I picked up a Jamba Juice and headed to Fresh n Easy so I would have lunches for the next few days at work. As I sit her blogging, Frappy is taking an afternoon nap.

I'm counting the minutes before I go get my monthly massage, boy are my shoulders needing it. 
Then tonight, its TACO night with some of our favorites.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wings, Sofia, Bridesmaids...

I have such a hard time coming up with blog titles some times... today is one of those days...
Every other Tuesday I work I get off at 3:30 instead of 7:30 and its so nice having those few extra hours. Today I picked up Starbucks and visited my friend Brooke and her new baby Brinley. It was nice to catch up and its amazing how much Brinley has changed just after 2 weeks! She's adorable.

Backing it up a few days...
Saturday I met two girlfriends and saw Something Borrowed for the second time, I really like that movie. This time I stayed thru the credits and saw the teaser for Something Blue. After the movie, I went and watched my friends sons baseball game and then went and met Sofia.

Sunday we went to Buffalo Wild Wings as one just opened not to far from us. It was okay but nothing too exciting.... wings are wings...

Then we all headed to the movies to see Bridesmaids...

I was really not impressed... some funny parts but overall I would have waited to see it on dvd. No one in our group was too impressed so I know i'm not the only one... Have you seen it?? 

Lastly, im loving my new necklace I got myself!

Friday, May 13, 2011

You must listen....

to these songs!!
I am in love!!

Adele has the most amazing voice!!

Thanks to Mal for sharing it on her blog!!

Lastly, Carrie Underwood...

Hope you enjoyed them as much as me!!

Off to have dinner with the boyfriends family.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Welcome Sophia!!

I finally went and saw Something Borrowed! I loved it!! I was hooked on the books and I felt the movie was very similar to the story line. I am actually going to see it again on Saturday, hoping to re-read the book before then! I love seeing my girlfriends during the week on my days off, I first got a pedicure with my friend Kim and then met Brooke for the movie. 

Tuesday I had a luncheon at the jail with the Sheriff and all other new deputies/dispatchers. It was nice to have that time to hear from the Sheriff and meet other people. I met a girl named Kristin who is from CT who came to CA for a job at our department, she doesn't know anyone in the area but is living just a few miles from me so I reached out to her and I am going to see her on Saturday for lunch and the movie with my other friend Megan. I love making new friends.

Yesterday afternoon I met Brooke for coffee and then hit up Fresh n Easy, any of you shop there? I am kinda hooked....
5 meals for $21... not too shabby!!

Last night we had dinner with our friends Amanda and Chad at Wood Ranch. 

Today was an okay day at work, I still get frustrated at times with myself and with my trainer, but I will be moving to a new trainer in 2 weeks so I'm trying to stay focused and not get discouraged. Its hard sitting with someone for 12+ hours a day.

And lastly, my friend Steve, who I consider a brother, welcome a baby girl into the world tonight with his wife Kelli.
Welcome to the world Sophia Grace!! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Today=Saturday for me

Feels like forever since I blogged, I worked the past 3 days so today is the start of my weekend. I can't wait to catch up on your blogs after typing this post. 
Anyone do anything fun for Cinco de Mayo? We had our friends M+T over for dinner and margaritas. We also made these Wontons, so yummy!!

They were so easy to make!! You should try these!!
We always have a fun time hanging with these two.

Friday at work I took a late "lunch" and ran to Starbucks and they were offering a Happy Hour type thing so I got a Frappacino for only $2.

Then I started my Saturday shift with one of these :)

Yesterday at work we had a BBQ/Potluck while we watched the Dodger game and we ate Dodger dogs, Nachos, Macaroni salad, Chili, and even cotton candy. I seriously am going to the gym after blogging because I have to keep the pounds off!! 

And lastly, my adorable niece.

Happy Monday girls.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gorgeous in So Cal

The past 5 days we have been blessed with amazing weather!! Its 5:30pm right now and still 70 degrees out and I am loving it. 
Today I met a friend at Starbucks and then met another friend for lunch at Chipotle. I feel blessed for the friendships I have.
I then picked up my dad as he is finally back from his trip to Mexico, the dogs were very excited to see him.
Here are some shots from the birthday party we went to for the bfs sister. They live right on the water.

Anyone watch Extreme Couponing? I just cant believe how much money people save doing it. And who watched The Voice? Thoughts? 

Any fun plans for Cinco de Mayo??