Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Welcome Sophia!!

I finally went and saw Something Borrowed! I loved it!! I was hooked on the books and I felt the movie was very similar to the story line. I am actually going to see it again on Saturday, hoping to re-read the book before then! I love seeing my girlfriends during the week on my days off, I first got a pedicure with my friend Kim and then met Brooke for the movie. 

Tuesday I had a luncheon at the jail with the Sheriff and all other new deputies/dispatchers. It was nice to have that time to hear from the Sheriff and meet other people. I met a girl named Kristin who is from CT who came to CA for a job at our department, she doesn't know anyone in the area but is living just a few miles from me so I reached out to her and I am going to see her on Saturday for lunch and the movie with my other friend Megan. I love making new friends.

Yesterday afternoon I met Brooke for coffee and then hit up Fresh n Easy, any of you shop there? I am kinda hooked....
5 meals for $21... not too shabby!!

Last night we had dinner with our friends Amanda and Chad at Wood Ranch. 

Today was an okay day at work, I still get frustrated at times with myself and with my trainer, but I will be moving to a new trainer in 2 weeks so I'm trying to stay focused and not get discouraged. Its hard sitting with someone for 12+ hours a day.

And lastly, my friend Steve, who I consider a brother, welcome a baby girl into the world tonight with his wife Kelli.
Welcome to the world Sophia Grace!! 


Katie said...

I really need to see Something Borrowed but I am tryinggg my best to finish the book first! eeek. must get on that. glad you liked it:)

Jodie said...

I am dying to see Something Borrowed!!

I just stumbled across your blog, I am so glad I did!! I love it!! Have a wonderful day!!

Jessica said...

I can't wait to see Something Borrowed- but I'm not sure when I will go! I may even wait til it comes out on Netflix, i'm in no rush haha.
I love meeting up with friends during the week too-- and making new ones! I'm sure she really appreciates you reaching out- its hard being the "newbie"!! Hope you have a great weekend!

love jenny xoxo said...

I want to see that because I loved the books too!! I'm so glad to hear it was good!