Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Round 2

Turning 30 needed to be celebrated all weekend long. The beginning of a new decade. Hopefully the best decade yet...
The husband and I started the weekend at the delicious restaurant Mastro's. I really just wanted a martini I had back in December, but the food is bomb diggity and wasn't going to say no to eating there.

My Origami Birthday locket

Fast forward to Sunday... 
Brunch to start the day at Cheesecake Factory, shared a Bloody Mary and had a Mocha coffee.

We had plans for the day but I really wasn't feeling that well (too much booze) so we nixed the plans and headed home to relax.

I shocked myself and made it to the gym, hopefully I can continue this...

Til next year...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Round 1

I am back after the most amazing Birthday weekend. I am so incredibly blessed and have nothing but great things to say about my weekend. I am totally birthday'd out and totally exhausted. I am at work wishing I had taken a day to recover.
My girlfriends planned a Spa day (genius) and we started with Starbucks before hitting the road. We arrived at the Four Seasons in Westlake and the amazingness began. Changed into my robe, and was whisked away for my tranquility massage. The BEST massage I have ever had, all done in warm Shea butter, every kink worked out. Heaven I tell you.
After my massage we met at the pool where the sun was shining and free foot massages were being offered.
Love these 5.
Ended the day at a cute place called Stone Hause where we had a lunch late and then headed home to get ready for dinner with our men.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Dirty Thirty

I am SO excited the weekend is finally here! 3 days of celebrating the big 3-0. I am excited for this next chapter and hope the next 10 years treat me well.
Today I plan on getting gels, taking a nap, hanging with my Frappy, and dinner at Mastro's with the hubs.
Saturday, the most perfect day with my girlfriends at a Spa. Hoping the sun comes out!!
Sunday the husband has something planned, I am sure it'll be fun even though I hate surprises!! Ending the day with dinner with my family. (Wish you were here Di)
To start this weekend, I found out I won Stormy's giveaway of a bangle from Tatum & Co. Seriously made my day. Are you following me on IG?? mrskristintaylor is my handle.
Happy Weekend Y'all!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hump Day

I enjoyed my last two days off so much that I am hoping these next two work days fly by! I am so excited to celebrate my birthday this weekend.
On Monday, we celebrated Saint Patrick's Day by seeing our favorite team in LA. It was so fun seeing everyone decked out in green.

Tuesday was spent having lunch with my dad's girlfriend, a pedicure for myself, a trip to the grocery store and a evening with my girlfriends. No complaints!

And for dinner?
The awesome part of being an adult and it being okay!

Lights out!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday Shirt's

Spent my Friday thru Sunday working which led to some boring hours which led to spending money on the web. Going thru my "Want" board on Pinterest was a bad, bad idea. Let's get to what I bought.

Up first, this Wifey tee. $47 dollars. Yikes.  Shocked myself and bought it. This was the pin that sucked me in. Find it here at ILY Couture.

The depressing part was finding it here for $25. And the first site doesn't do returns. FML. I think I am going to exchange it for this "Preggers" tee and save it for the day that happens and get the $25 wifey tee.

Thanks to this pin, I had to have this shirt as well. Find it here on Etsy.

For the shirts I want and will buy soon... This one has my name all over it. Find it here


from here

Lastly, this is my final week in my 20's! Let the birthday celebration begin! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hump Day Purchase's

Yesterday and today are my days off this week which end up being the days I spend some green. Lunch with a friend, a stop in Ulta ($50 dollars later) and another Pioneer Woman recipe for dinner.
Ulta had sent a free birthday mascara and of course I found some other items to bring home.
I am excited to try the Purity face wash, only $10 bucks for the bottle.
Got a perfume roller to leave in the car in case I forget to spritz myself.

My latest online purchase was a custom print from Goose Print on Etsy. Hopefully it's worth all $44. Can't wait to see how Frappy looks :)
Here's an example of Katie's

For dinner last night, we made this Spinach Artichoke Pasta and shared it with friends. Easy and tasty.

Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunday + Husband

I was planning on being a better blogger this week until our Internet decided to die on Sunday into yesterday. Fast forward to this morning when I hear the door bell ring about 9am as I am standing in my robe and peak out to see a Time Warner van... joy! I answer it looking like a hot mess and completely unaware of any appointment made by my husband. Anyways, the Internet is fixed! 

Weekend was good, sad it's over. Went to an Origami Owl meeting on Saturday and got to see all the new cute stuff that's coming next week. Sunday the hubs and I went for brunch, it was so delicious and so beautiful out. 

In the afternoon I had coffee with a friend, and later made potato soup courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. 
My husband has taken over the garage AKA man cave. TV & speakers included.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Under the Weather

Somehow I caught another cold, it hit me Friday night and I'm still miserable today. 
I managed to leave the house today and make it to my DMV appointment, which thank gosh only took 10 minutes!! That has to be a record.. I had to take a vision test and get a new photo taken. Fun stuff.
Since I have been down and out, nothing new to report. I did order a new Tiffany's ring. Holy expensive and it better last forever.

Found these super cute gift bags at my favorite place (Marshall's)

How my night looked on Monday
I am so lucky Frappy lounges with me all day as we move from the couch to the bed. Hopefully I will be kicking this and I will be better soon.