Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday Shirt's

Spent my Friday thru Sunday working which led to some boring hours which led to spending money on the web. Going thru my "Want" board on Pinterest was a bad, bad idea. Let's get to what I bought.

Up first, this Wifey tee. $47 dollars. Yikes.  Shocked myself and bought it. This was the pin that sucked me in. Find it here at ILY Couture.

The depressing part was finding it here for $25. And the first site doesn't do returns. FML. I think I am going to exchange it for this "Preggers" tee and save it for the day that happens and get the $25 wifey tee.

Thanks to this pin, I had to have this shirt as well. Find it here on Etsy.

For the shirts I want and will buy soon... This one has my name all over it. Find it here


from here

Lastly, this is my final week in my 20's! Let the birthday celebration begin! 


Jordon said...

Cant wait to see you rockin the wifey tee!! I have been wanting one so bad, but the pricetag has steered me away!!

Ashley said...

Love those shirts! Especially the wifey one! It be fun to surprise your hubby with the preggers one when the time comes!!

Deena Imamura said...

Omg LOVE the shirts!!!!! The last one and the nap one are my favorites! I'm so happy those funny tshirts are back in again :)

J and A said...

So cute!! Love the wifey and preggers!

Stormy said...

I think I need that wifey shirt!

ashleigh said...

and i legit bought 4 of them.