Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hump Day

I enjoyed my last two days off so much that I am hoping these next two work days fly by! I am so excited to celebrate my birthday this weekend.
On Monday, we celebrated Saint Patrick's Day by seeing our favorite team in LA. It was so fun seeing everyone decked out in green.

Tuesday was spent having lunch with my dad's girlfriend, a pedicure for myself, a trip to the grocery store and a evening with my girlfriends. No complaints!

And for dinner?
The awesome part of being an adult and it being okay!

Lights out!


The Conway's said...

Ice cream for dinner...sounds and looks amazing!!

Leigh said...

Love your shirts!

Kenzie S said...

Oh how fun! I hope these two days fly by for you :D

lori said...

ice cream for dinner is a perfect idea... i may have to steal that one for tomorrow!