Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Brother

How many of you are watching Big Brother??
I am obsessed!! I follow people on twitter that literally recap what happens in the house all day long. 
I cant handle the fact that the POV or HOH has happened, and not knowing who won. They do everything days before it airs, so I just read ahead. I wish I had the live feeds but really don't have time for that.
Just wondering where you all stand??
I am total team Jeff & Jordan. I wish Jeff would have won.
Now that were down to 6, I would like to see Rachel win it. I think she is a NUT case, but at least she has won competitions and loves the game. 
Adam has done nothing....
Shelly played a total social game, but still useless.
Kalia, she has won when needed, but I'm not a fan...
Porshe, cant stand the girl. 
Jordan, sweet girl but not the best competitor

Tell me your thoughts!


Bonnie said...

"Big Brother" fan?!?!?! WE MUST BE SOUL MATES.

1. Jeff and Jordan are the cutest couple ever.
2. I love Rachel when she is not with Brendon. She is brilliant and a fantastic game player. With Brendon, she's annoying, but that's only because he is a massive chauvinist control freak.
3. Jordan is so underestimated in this game even after winning her season.
4. Shelly is a butt face.
5. Kalia needs to spend less time sleeping and more time working out. Also, she's a moron.
6. Porsche is useless.
7. I am totally on Team Rachel/Jordan.

The end.

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love jenny xoxo said...

I love that you love BB! I usually try to avoid spoilers, but then I get to the point where I just can't wait :) Like with this veto and the new twist, I had to know!!

I've always liked Jordan (how could you not?!) and to the dismay of my husband and friends, I've always liked Rachel even thought she is CRAZY! I agree with you about Adam being useless, and I am really starting to hate Shelly (did you hear her family has gotten death threats for turning on Jeff!?!) I don't like Kalia or Porshe at all, ew.

Can't wait to watch tonight!!