Thursday, September 1, 2011

A little of this and a little of that

Nothing to important to blog about, just random things.
On Tuesday I went up to Ojai to go on a ride along, but I wasn't feeling well the night before and ended up fainting in briefing. Thankfully I had stepped out and told one of the deputies it was gonna happen, but when I came to I was surrounded by them and the ambulance wasn't too far after. I ended up going home for the day and went to the doctor that afternoon. He said he was most likely due to low blood sugar/pressure. And that I am too skinny to be skipping meals. I didn't skip, I just had soup for dinner due to not feeling well.

Last night we opened a bottle of champagne from his sister and brother in law, too bad I'm a sissy and don't really like to drink. 

Today I stopped at the post office to mail a card, and saw these stamps. Not a Simpsons fan, but thought they were still cute.

Here is Frappy and I laying on the balcony catching some rays :)

Alright, I am off to dinner with friends and then working all weekend. 


J and A said...

Hope you feel better! Scary. Super cute photo of you and Frappy.

Marina said...

Such a cute stamps!