Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gram's, Frap, and my new necklace

Not much new going on over here, busy with work and running errands on my days off. 
My grandma had surgery last week and is having some complications, she has internal bleeding and she is a Jehovah Witness and they don't accept blood transfusions. At first I didn't think she was going to over come everything, now I feel like she has a chance. She had a synthetic blood transfusion and I guess it takes a few days for the body to recognize it. We just hope the bleeding has stopped. 
Its hard because she lives in Canada so I cant just zip on over to see her, but thankfully my dad is up there with her. Here is a picture the last time she was in CA.

She's only 85 so I hope she's around another 15 years, it wouldn't be a surprise from that side of the fam.

Next up, my cute dog. He likes to stand on my back in the morning.

Don't look at me, I literally just woke up. But he is too cute.

I am loving this necklace I saw on C Mae's blog, I just had to have it.
You can go here to get yourself one.

Alright, off to enjoy my day off.



J and A said...

Super cute photo and Frap and you! Love that necklace too! :)

Jessica said...

Prayin for your Grandma!

that necklace is so cute! thanks for passing it along- I'm going to check them out right now :)

Lauren said...

Love the necklace! :) Really cute!!

CMae said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for the shout out! necklace is SUPER affordable and I get many compliments on it!!! :) WOOT WOOT!