Tuesday, May 6, 2014


This past weekend was low key and just what I needed. Kind of felt like I had 4 days off even though I had a little OT on Friday. 

I honestly can't remember what we did, I just know it wasn't much.
The worst part of night shift is being away from these 2. I sure hope Frappy sleeps the day away with me today!

Saturday I walked a 5k with a girlfriend which raised awareness for people with mental health issues. It was at the beach and a nice day for it. We just had to wear ugly shirts...
Saw this cutie at the walk..

On Sunday we ran a few errands, had lunch, napped, and went to a friends house for Cinco de Mayo. Came home, watched some TV, and went to bed early with my favorite dude.

Still on nights and miserable. Ready for it to be June.


Tennille said...

June will be here before you know it! :)

Ashley said...

Glad you got in some down time!! That lab is soo cute!! As is frappy of course!!

Leigh said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend :) how come you had to wear those shirts? And what is in June?

Erin LFF said...

Hope this month goes fast for you so you can get off the night-shift! =\ Hang in there!!

Deena Imamura said...

Ugh, night shifts suck. I remember having to 2 weeks of graveyard shifts when I was an officer - hated it :( Hope you get off it soon!!!! Love the cute pictures! P.S GO KINGS!!! :)