Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday= My Saturday

I worked the last 3 days so today is my weekend! It feels so weird to be off when the bf is off to work, kinda sad at times but its nice to get things done when most people are at work. 
Friday and Saturday I went out riding with a deputy all day instead of working inside dispatch, its helpful because we learn more about the geography and we are able to see how long certain calls take. On Saturday we took a young girl to jail for being under the influence of Crystal meth... the girl was also illegal and will probably be sent back to Mexico today... its amazing to see how many people go to jail in my county every day. I worked yesterday and most the day was pretty slow since everyone was at church or family functions, but then it got crazy as the day ended. People drink too much and there were so many domestic calls and lots of people were off to jail.

I wish I could have spent it with my sisters and the kids, but maybe next year when I am not so new and will be out of training. Here are my niece and nephew from yesterday.
Miss Madi is finally walking :)

Here is my goddaughter Ava

And here is a rainbow from the other night, if you look closely you might see two...

I am off to shower and run errands. Happy Monday girls!


love jenny xoxo said...

so cute pics of the kiddy and that rainbow is beautiful!!! Having weekdays off definitely has its perks, but it would be tough going in to work on the weekends while the bf sleeps in!


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Love the picture of your niece and nephew! So adorable :)