Thursday, September 23, 2010


you could go back and be any age again, what age would you choose and why?

Part of me would say 14 so that I could see/talk to my mom again. I miss her so very much.

Part of me would say 23, when I was in college and not having to worry so much about being a grown up and paying bills and all of that. I am still not in the career of my choice so its frustrating trying to figure out what my next direction is... I am so grateful I have a job but I either need to go back to school or end up in the Law Enforcement field.. which is proving not easy..

I see many of you have decorated for Halloween so I am gonna start tonight!

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Jessica W said...

tough question- I would go back to being 15-18. I loved highschool ( but I REALLY loved undergrad too grad school isnt as much F U N as I'd hoped and lots more W O R K) and I really miss seeing my best friends every day and playing vball and soccer competitively- oh and being forced to be in shape! ha ha