Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pluthera of thoughts

Here are two more pictures of me and Madison from last weekend... She is just too cute!

Last night we went to my friend Kristen's house for tacos. She just recently moved into the same complex where I live which makes dinner dates quite easy. Tonight I was thinking of going to Black Angus for happy hour... they have the best fried zucchini and the ranch is bomb too.
Tomorrow is Friday! woohoo!! And I get off work at 3! No big plans Friday night but that's okay because I'm expecting a late night on Saturday for my friends bachelorette dinner/night out.

Are any of you liking Bachelor Pad? I am rooting for Peyton to win... it should get interesting in the next couple weeks! Big Brother is also coming to an end here pretty quick! I think they had good ratings so it should be back next summer. Still wanting Britney to win! She is very knowledgeable about the game so I'm hoping she pulls thru and messes up the brigade. I think Lane just realized he cannot win  against Hayden and now wants Brit in the final 2...
Ive also been noticing that Halloween stores are getting ready to open! I LOVE Halloween time!! My most favorite holiday! I want to get my costume soon as the stores open because they never have much to choose from in my size.
Here's a fun pic from last year :)


Tamara Nicole said...

She is super cute!!! And yes I love the Bachelor Pad, guilty pleasure. I like Tenley even though she's super naive she's a sweatheart!

Cara said...

I am guilty on both counts.....Big Brother & Bachelor Pad! Big Brother-pulling for Enzo, there is just something about his fun personality, although not the smartest game player :) Bachelor Pad-I was oddly pulling for Wes, even though I could not stand him on Jillian's season! Now that he is gone, I think it will defintely get more interesting as not a lot of the 'singles' are left.

Thanks for checking out my blog. Now I can go back and read yours :)

PS. Your niece is SUPER cute!