Friday, September 17, 2010

Get on the ground!

I was awoken at 3:30am to a police officer telling someone to get on the ground. Yes, 3:30am. Me and the boy woke up at the same moment and looked at each other and then hopped out of bed and ran for the window. We could only see one police car with its lights off and then eventually we saw more cars come. They were clearly looking for someone and even had their dogs out looking. I turned my police scanner app on and tried to figure out what was going on. To say I was awake is an understatement. I had such a hard time falling back asleep and right now I am so exhausted. I saw this morning on the police departments website that an 18 year old had broken into a home and the dogs were barking and woke the parents. The kid jumped from a 2 story window and tried to run. Thankfully they eventually found him! What is wrong with people??

Last night I had our favorite Mexican food place for dinner and then we went to the Halloween store to look for decorations/costumes. I am so happy because I found my costume! I had no idea what I wanted to be but it fits perfectly and I'm happy! It wasn't cheap so I hope to wear it at least twice this Halloween! Ill give you a hint... its red and black....

Then we hopped over to Michael's because I had some 50% off coupons and I knew they had Halloween decorations. I found some great things and I think I'm going back tomorrow because the coupon is only good thru tomorrow... anyone have a Michael's near them and want the coupon link?

Here is what I got...

Thinking of hanging these guys somewhere...

Table cloth, napkins, cupcake holders

Only $3.99 with coupon

This 5ft LED web! Super stoked on this, only $9 with coupon

Got these at Target for $2 each for the mirrors

I am so ready to start decorating but gonna wait until the end of the month. Tonight we are going to my friends house for dinner, they are off to Hawaii on Sunday and getting married Monday. I plan on getting lots of rest this weekend and catching up on my dvr :)

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