Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Go Kings!

Our new favorite thing to do is attend Kings games! If it wasn't so expensive we would go a lot more often too. 
I grew up watching hockey because we are from Canada and my dad used to ref. The hubs used to play hockey growing up and in hockey, so its nice that we both have a love for it.

We took my dad and his pop on Monday night. A night to remember for sure.

Of course I switched out my charms in my locket
Ran into my friend Kristin

Anyone else enjoy going to games?


Tara said...

What fun!!! I used to go to hockey games in Florida believe it or not. Our team in Tampa is the Lightning and when I did go it was always good fun.

Jade Wiggins said...

23rd March - Happy birthday to you. Hope you have a lovely day.
Jade x