Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baby Shower x 2

This was a weekend of baby showers, I feel like I did nothing else which is making me sad since today is almost over and tomorrow is Monday. BUT, they were both for good friends so I cant complain too much.
Friday I was on a ride along all day and nothing too exciting happened, which is good and bad. I'm glad people were safe in the city but it made for a boring ride. We came across this BIG tree that had fallen down and was blocking the street.

Thankfully a cadet came and took over so we weren't stuck just sitting there. The sad call of the day was a house was burglarized and the house was totally ransacked :( I felt so bad for the mom, she was so shaken and upset. All her jewelery was gone and probably more but they weren't allowed to look too much until CSI got there to investigate. That is my biggest fear, someone going thru private and personal stuff and taking things that aren't theirs. Some people are real ASSHOLES.

Saturday was my a baby shower for my friend Kim, sadly I don't have any pictures yet.
Today was a shower for my friend Steve and his girl Kelli. I got a few pictures to share...

Thanks to Jen for more cute onsies.

Happy Sunday friends.


Leigh said...

I fear that would just feel so violated and exposed.

Looks like a great weekend!

love jenny xoxo said...

That tree is huge! Is it weird I always feel a little sad when I see a big tree like that fall?

I'm planning a baby shower - any good tips? you should be an expert after last weekend!


Raven said...

Adorable onsies. Baby showers are so much fun!