Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Funday

I was fortunate to have today off as I am going to a 3 week academy starting tomorrow and that would have been too many days in a row at work. We slept in, had breakfast in bed, and slowly got ready for the day. We went downtown and had my ring cleaned, its so much sparklier now. I think from being in the pool on the 4th for the whole weekend made it a little cloudy. They said I could come in whenever I wanted for a cleaning :)
We had lunch after then came home for an afternoon nap with Frappy. 
Of course we had to hit up Target, and then stopped at Mc Donalds for a McFrappe and a sundae. 

Then I met my friend for a walk at the park with her and the babes. 
We are now cooking steak and corn and waiting for Big Brother to start.  Here are some of my favorite photos of the past week :)

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