Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm the kinda girl...

Linking up with Holly for this one time link up!
Doesn't like to be too hot or too cold, I'm good with 73 degrees
Would rather be in flip flops than shoes or boots
I only wear nice jeans, Hudson's are my favorite
I buy shirts/tanks in multiple colors (grey,white,black)
Love being in bed by 9:30
I apply chap stick at least 10 times a day
that despise surprises
that puts on sweats the second I get in the door
truly do love my job, just love my days off even more

Carries my dog around the house like a child

who loves to have friends over for dinner

who loves my niece and nephew like they are my own

i'd rather give then recieve

isnt the best house wife, not the best cook or cleaner

if I put my mind to it, I will succeed

who loves to make new friends!
Happy Thursday! One day closer to Friday!


Lauren said...

yes...flip flops for the win EVERY time

julia rose. said...

Chapstick- YESSSS!!!

love jenny xoxo said...

love this! Guilty of carrying my dogs constantly!

{love jenny xoxo}

Kristina said...

73 degrees sounds PERFECT to me too and bring on the flip flops!!!!

J and A said...

I am with ya on many!! Loved this. And i cannot wait for flip flop weather!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm all about putting on the sweats once I'm home!