Thursday, August 29, 2013

For your information....

My Best friends say.... I am caring, generous, and fun to be around.
People call me... KP, KPT, KT, Kris
The best part of my day.... is having dinner with the hubs. Whether I am working or not, we are still able to have dinner together most nights.
I really don't understand.... why I signed up to work til 1:30am??  How I feel like a grandma at the age of 29...  why people abuse animals? The list could go on and on....
I get really annoyed.... when my husband insists on sleeping with the TV on.... its a constant battle :)
when other drivers turn out right in front of me. I wish I could rear end them!!
when I miss certain events because I work shift work and sometimes don't have a choice
when people make everything about THEM.
There's nothing like..... a night out with your girlfriends!!
Snuggling with my dog Frappy!
Knowing my husband loves me and would do anything for me
Lately, I can't get enough of.... Arnold Palmers. Delish!
Spending time with my girl Meg and her new baby.
One thing I am not... A night person... I prefer to be in bed by 10!!
I spend too much money on.... Starbucks. Plain and Simple. Trying to cut back to once or twice a week.
I want to learn.... now this is a tough one... probably just how to cook better in general. I find myself making the same few things very regularly and I'd like to whip up some new things.
I can't stop...  my weird obsessive checks with my phone. I feel like I have to check my twitter feed, facebook feed, instagram, and email before going to bed at night..
Never have I ever.... snowboarded.... but I do want to ski this coming winter with my hubs!
Happy Thursday!


Becky said...

I like this post! I'm not a night person either and I tried snowboarding once and it took me 2 hours to get down the mountain..haha.

emi said...

love this! i agree...dinner with the husband is always the best part of the day! XOXO

the well-traveled wife