Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot but Crazy

I had a great three day weekend and sad its coming to an end. 
Friday night we had some of our closest friends over for tacos, I was bad and didn't take any pictures. 
Saturday, I had lunch with the bf and hit Nordstrom Rack, neither of us found anything though.
I then went to the mall with my friend Kristin and we found some cute things at Express! I will have to take pictures of my new things in the next few days. We then headed to CPK where we had an interesting conversation with our server. He apparently thought we were hot but crazy... Any of you watch How I met your mother? We don't so we had no idea what he was referring to...

Today we headed to another mall to see if there Express store had anything good, but ill I found was sandals. I also got a top for 4th of July and a jacket from VS. 

Here is my Lauren Conrad shirt from Kohl's...

Tonight we went to a bar to hear a band play that my dad loves, it was so nice to spend the evening with him. We then went and had fish n chips, the walls were plastered in dollar bills.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Oh ya, I picked up this magazine, but didn't get the runaway sticker on it!!

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Marian said...

I'm kind of a fan of Lauren Conrad's line at Kohl's!! Love that shirt