Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hump day

I have had the last two days off but I am not jumping for joy at having to work today and tomorrow. My days off go by to fast!! I just remembered today we are having a nacho bar potluck type thing and I signed up to bring re fried brings but I don't really have anything to bring the beans in.... 
I spent the last two days off with my friend Kim and baby K. Monday we went to Ross looking for baby clothes and didn't find anything, then we had lunch and hit Kohls. I usually don't find anything for myself but that day I did!
This shirt by Candies
And another top by Lauren Conrad. 
Yesterday we hit the Carters outlet for baby stuff, then did Forever 21. All I found was this necklace and I thought it was cute since my bf is a DJ

I finally watched the bachelorette last night, kinda a snore!


J and A said...

Pretty shirt! And Love that necklase, so cool!

Aimee said...

cute top! and i agree this season is kinda not-so-exciting.

Jesslyn Amber said...

Looove that necklace!

And I'm not crazy about this season either. My brother knows one of the guys who got eliminated the first night, and he was talking about how fake the show is. How everything is set up and planned...even what the GUYS say to her. So, it kind of turned me off from it. Even though I've always kind of knew the show is fake anyway. haha!

Katie said...

Bachelorett-major snooze fest.
Love LC's collection at Kohls! cute top g/f

love jenny xoxo said...

i love the headphones, super cute and perfect that your boys a dj!

I still havent made it through the bachelorette... super boring.