Monday, December 5, 2011

Xmas shopping and a few other finds

First off, I am so excited because I kind of lagged at ordering Christmas cards and missed some good deals, so was worried I would be paying some $$ for cards. Yesterday I went on Snapfish to order our card, and just as I was about to click "order", I thought I would google "snapfish coupon codes". First I found a 20% code which would save me $3.10, then I looked a little more, and found a 25% off plus FREE SHIPPING. Score!! So I only paid $12 for 20 cards. woohoo!! For any of you that need it, its "BIGSAVE".

The fiance and I did some Christmas shopping on Saturday and Sunday.  I actually got some things checked off my list and found a new pair of Hudsons at The Nordstrom Rack. Score again!

Saturday night lil Frap had two bad seizures and I was home alone. I was a MESS. We went to be early and I just cherished my time with him.

I also made it to my workout class, finally added an extra bump to my step.

Sunday I visited my friend and the babe, we no longer have to ride in the mini van as she got a new Kia.

Ended my day having frozen yogurt with my sis


Jessica said...

I neeed to get on my xmas shopping too for my friends!!
Frappy looks just sooo teeny in that picture! I thought he was laying beside a Dalmatian when I just glanced at the picture haha

love jenny xoxo said...

Shoot.... I still need to figure out my Xmas cards... it's coming up so quickly!

Is Frappy ok?!? :( He looks so cute cuddled up in that fuzzy blanket.