Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: 46 days!

Holy Moly!
Today I had my first real dress fitting with the alterations done, soooooo stressful!
First the lady forgot about my appointment, then I could barely get it zipped, then complained that shortening it an inch would be too much work!
It got zipped and all is well! I love it so much more now that it fits!

Here is my little man in his tux
Flower girl baskets times 3

No children allowed :) except a select 3 :)

New honeymoon suit, only $24 at JC Penny's. It's really more a coral color

New shades from Nordstrom, 2 for $20! Score!

That's it for today!! 


Kaity said...

Doesn't it feel like time is starting to fly by?! I've been such a busy bee this week and still feel like there's so much left to be done! :)

Good luck these next few weeks- I'll be praying <3

Courtney B said...

How exciting!! Can't wait to see pictures of you on your wedding day!!
And I LOVE your swim suit... why don't I ever think to shop at JC Penny??

CMae said...

wait wait wait...the person who is PAID to do alterations on your dress was COMPLAINING about the work to shorten it by an inch??? WTF I would of gone bridezilla on her ass! That's completely unacceptable!

Stormy said...

Loving that suit! I can not quite buying ones for our honeymoon...pretty sure I'll have a suitcase full of just swim suits! Ha! Can't wait for your big day dear! I'm so excited for you!

Erin said...

Ahhh, 46 days?!?!?!! :) So exciting!

I swear, alterations people are RUDE. No joke, I had an awful experience with mine and many of my friends have too. What's their problem?! Hope everything is all squared away now!!

Nikki said...

Getting close!!! We are having an adult only reception as well. And I really like that swimming suit. I need to start stocking up on suits for our honeymoon.

Amber said...

That's frustrating the woman YOU are paying to do HER job is complaining! So frustrating! I know you'll look gorgeous. Can't wait to read more about your wedding!

Meg {henninglove} said...

yay for the first dress fitting. i couldn't get into my dress either my first fitting. then my alterations lady realized the two front seams were totally not straight, she fixed them and i easily slipped back into the dress. and your little man is so cute in his tux

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yay! Glad the fitting worked out. I love that it's an adult dinner reception!