Thursday, November 15, 2012

What's Crackin

Well its mid week and I am ready for the weekend!
Did you all see my wedding video? Swoon <3 cry.="cry." makes="makes" me="me" p="p" still="still">
Last night I had my first Christmas Boutique where I displayed my lockets, considering how nervous I was, it went well! I sold 8 there, and hopefully more will come online.
Look how gorgeous the house was last night.
I hit our favorite furniture store last weekend, Urban Home and found this great pub table that sits 3 for our kitchen nook area.
Until we find a outside table set, I got frapster a dog bed as laying in the sun is his favorite thing.
and we are going to Disneyland this weekend, so excited!
Happy almost Friday!


J and A said...

Such a cute table. I seriously LOVE your wedding video. I want a redo of ours now!! ha

Deidre said...

Your video is absolutely beautiful! You guys are so gorgeous together! Congratulations.

Faith and Love said...

I seriously love your table! Very cute. and have a great time at disneyland, super jealous here:D

Leigh said...

So happy that your lockets are selling well! :) Have a great weekend at Disneyland!

Margaret F said...

I just love your lockets! Xo

lori said...

your house looks gorgeous lit up like that!

and hope you guys have a great time at disney!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Too cute on that dog bed!!!!! I still need to order my locket! I totally forgot with thanksgiving!