Monday, May 13, 2013


This is very hard for me to write but I want to get it off my heart.
About 3 weeks ago, I was at work and got onto Bad idea. I am the biggest dog lover and my heart broke. Then I found the cutest chihuahua. It's like screaming at me thru the picture to come and get him.
Are we ready for another dog? What about Frappy? My dad is going to kill me...
I race after work to see him. I hold him for about 30 minutes, can't pull the trigger. So unsure if I am making the right decision. I decide to head home to sleep on it and talk to the husband.
Long story short, as it makes me too sad to think about.. we brought the little guy home, he was obviously super cute, super crazy (he was a puppy) and super happy to be with us.

But for some reason, I just cried the whole day. I felt like I was taking away from Frap. Frap is my little senior citizen, he is 9 now. We love our quiet afternoons napping and chilling out. It just didnt feel right. We thought it was best to take him back that night rather then let him stay the night and get more comfortable and then break his pup heart. I cried the entire way there. Hot mess.
I was sad for about a week. Still sad thinking about it all.
I know I made the right decision. I want to love on my little Frap for as long as I get.

I stalked the adoption center on facebook and saw last week that he was adopted and posted a cute picture of him cuddled up. His original name was Pipsqueak, we were going to name him Pickles, and his new name is Jambi..

Wishing that little guy only the best


Julie said...

Awww you all did the right thing. It seems like it was really tough but now a happy family has that little pup, you took him back for a reason! Now you get to give all that extra love to Frap :)

Ashley R said...

Aw he's such a cute little guy. It sounds like you did the right thing!