Monday, February 3, 2014

On Cloud 9

Y'all! I met my favorite King's players this past Saturday night!! I am like a giddy school girl who just can't get over how amazing it was. As of Friday morning I was not planning on attending the event because I didn't have anyone to go with. I was contemplating on rolling solo and just buying myself a ticket. Fast forward a few hours, a Captains wife at work asked if I wanted to buy their 2 tickets at a discounted price. I couldn't pass it up and said yes!!

There was a 2 hour time limit to meet whoever you could depending on lines for each player.
I started with hottie Matt Frattin, where we played an intense game of air hockey and was interviewed by a news crew. (!!!)

Then hit another player before making my way to Brown, my absolute favorite player. An hour later, I finally met my man and had him sign my jersey. 

While in line for him, they were already shutting down the other lines for players. My heart dropped. I had my husbands jersey and a shirt for my Captain that both wanted an autograph. I bee lined it for Slava Voynov and sweet talked my way in line.

Then ducked over to Tyler Toffoli, another favorite.

Then ran to Jeff Carter (he's so hot)

and lastly, begged to get the Coach's autograph for my Captain. Score!
I got soooooo freaking lucky and I couldn't have been happier!! 
Already counting down for next year where I will be paying VIP for more time with the boys :)


Stormy said...

Well if the warm sunshine doesn't convince me to move to Cali some of those men might ;)

Lauren said...

looks so fun! I went to college with the goalie John Quick!

Deena Imamura said...

Oh my gosh! I am SO happy and giddy for you! That is SO awesome. I would probably pass out if I had that kind of opportunity with the Red Wings. So jeally! Love the pictures!!!! xoxo

Melanie Heyns said...

That's so awesome. I have to agree with Deena, I would probably pass out if I had to meet any of them.

Mel's Corner

Leigh said...

Looks like you had fun and made the right decision by buying those tickets!

Katie said...

How exciting!! What a great event.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yay!! That's awesome that you scored the time!