Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Missing one ingredient sucks

Yesterday I was wanting to making cookies and I thought I had all the ingredients so I started the process, only to find out I didn't have baking soda. Well apparently that's a key ingredient because the cookies did not turn out well at all. After scrapping them off the pan in anger, they went into the trash. grrrr

Could have used that hour to sleep before work!

Last night at work I was reminded how much I love my job. This fellow decided to not stop for the Highway patrol, then ran... then we caught him.
Dumb dumb.

Here is Frappy getting mad hearing other dogs walk by, his bark is so cute.

Tonight we are off to meet with the photographer who is taking our engagement shots. Hopefully the rain stays away or we will be postponing tomorrows date.


J and A said...

Yay to engagement pics! so exciting! Frappy the protector! :) Your job sounds so exciting!

Aimee said...

hope the rain stays away for the pics. so sorry about the cookies. we all have those moments.