Monday, January 9, 2012

Saturrrday....I mean Monday...

Since I worked all weekend, today is my Saturday.... and since I worked all weekend, I don't have too much to say.. 
I had my first 911 call about someone I have grown up with so that was kinda weird/strange/sad/scary.
She will never know that I was the one on the phone, but at least I can keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

I got the cutest picture of my Goddaughter today.... she should seriously be a baby model :)

Besides that, I went to my work out class this morning, FINALLY put the Christmas stuff away, caught up on Kim and Kourtney take NY... visited a girlfriend... and picked up a pie for my dad's birthday (today)!!
And lastly, I parted my hair different today :)
Snoozing while I blog...


CMae said...

Eeek are you allowed to say what the call was about?

Page Twenty-Two said...

That 911 call must have been tough:( Hope everything is okay! On a happier note... I love the way you parted your cute!