Saturday, January 21, 2012

Work it Out...then eat a donut

I have a LOVE/HATE relationshp with working out.
But I LOVE buying work out clothes.
Fiance bought me two VS pants for Xmas, and I bought myself another pair last week.
I have been going to an all girls studio where we SWEAT it out for an hour doing various excercises. It really is the best hour of my days sometimes. I feel I have gained muscle and become stronger these past few months.
These are really cute with lace on the top part

I came into work today at 5am! ewww! and its rainy outside and my boys were sound asleep :(

Thankfully the Captain brought donuts!!


Valerie Griffin said...

I LOVEEEE working out in VS gear! So comfy!

& those donuts look too yummmy :)

Jessica said...

you are talented taking a pic like that behind your back!! I have neverr been able to work out in pants though- but I do like lounging in them :)

and now i want a donut.

Jessah said...

Oh what I wouldn't do for a donut right now. LOL.

Newest follower!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

5 a.m?! Whoa! I would need a lot of coffee at that hour...

The Conway's said...

Glad to see that I'm not the only one that enjoys a good donut after a workout..haha!

Page Twenty-Two said...

Those donuts are making me drool!!! Its tough to get into a workout routine but once you do it makes you feel so much more energized!! Happy Monday:)

Shane said...

Your chihuahua is precious as can be! I used to have a long and short-haired... no one underdtood why but I think they're great dogs :)

ps. The donuts look delish!

xo Shane

Bunnie said...


your newest follower :)

follow me back? XOXO

love jenny xoxo said...

cute work out clothes!! I'm pretty much obsessed with VS work out & lounge clothes - so cute and comfy! And donuts, yum!! Except they kinda make my stomach hurt but still worth it!