Thursday, January 24, 2013

16 Hours....

That is how long I am working today. Something doesn't seem right about that.
Especially when I was up ALL night with the pup.
I was so tired I didn't get up to shower. And of course I am regretting that now.
And no breakfast.
Countdown til 3pm when I hit Starbucks for my daily tea.
In this size to be exact.
I am so ready to be off again for 3 days.
Dinner with the in laws on Friday, baby shower for a friend Saturday, and whatever I want on Sunday since the hubs is leaving me for a DJ convention.
Happy Thursday


Erin said...

Ugh, I'm gonna send some good vibes your way today girl! 16 hours!?! :( good luck!!!

I didn't shower either today, if that makes you feel any better. Probably not... but lets hope 3 gets here quick for ya. Enjoy that tea!!!

julia rose. said...

16 hours?!?! Holy moly! Good luck, sweet girl!! That tea looks downright amazing though- hope it helps get you through :)

J and A said...

That is loooong time. :( Good luck!!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh man - drink that Starbucks and good luck! :)

Laura Darling said...

Ahh 16 hours? I hope you were able to get some rest this weekend!

love jenny xoxo said...

What was wrong with frappy?

{love jenny xoxo}