Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday's Happening's

After enjoying 3 days off, I am back to work for a shift and a half before another 3 day weekend. #Score

I worked Friday & Saturday and went to a friends daughter's 3rd birthday party on Sunday. I have been working from 3pm to 3:30am so sleeping during the day has been rough and I feel like a zombie. (Hence the no blogging)
This is my current problem... too much light

My Etsy shirt came, fits perfect.

Went to a King's game last night with a girlfriend, too bad they didn't win!

Lastly, how cute is this new blog charm by Origami Owl??

Happy Hump day friends.


Ashley said...

Those work hours sound crazy!!! Hope they don't last much longer!!

Love your shirt!! Glad it fits! You never know when you order online!

Have a great day!

J and A said...

Love your shirt!! Looks great on you!!

Tennille said...

3:30 in the morning... that is rough! How do you even stay awake until that time?!

lori said...

I understand those hours and how hard that is!! My husband gets black out shades and wears a mask to sleep!