Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Catch Up

Halloween was spent with my sister and her kids which was extra special as they don't live nearby and the first time we got to trick or treat with them in a few years. 

Thursday was spent eating French toast, then to the Four Seasons Spa for a maternity massage (heaven) and a King's game with my husband. Pretty perfect day. 

Dropped off the thank you's to the hostesses from my shower. Can't go wrong with Starbucks gift cards!

Jack's room currently... Hot mess. 

Ended the weekend walking with my girlfriends for a Mary Kay 5k, (Let's be real, I only walked half because it was bloody hot and I was over it)

Happy Hump Day!


Leigh said...

The prenatal massage sounds like heaven! I need to book myself one of those.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Good luck organizing all your gifts! That should be fun. Where did you get the cute monogram mugs?

Stormy said...

That French Toast & Massage do look/sound like heaven! And Jack's room is going to be so cute!

lori said...

jacks room is going to be so cute! that was seriously one of my favorite parts of baby prep- i loved washing his little clothes and organizing everything :) getting so close!