Monday, November 24, 2014

1st Friendsgiving

Happy Monday!

Yesterday I hit 37 weeks in my pregnancy. Where oh where has the time gone...
I see the doctor this morning so we will see if there is any update as of yet. Yesterday I felt like I had pretty consistent contractions/braxton hicks all day. I will probably do one more bump date post next week and then hopefully the little man will make his debut.

Saturday I took the majority of the day off of work to hang with the husband and attend our 1st Friendsgiving with our close group of friends. The food was so delicious and the company was just as great. 

Can't wait to do it all over again on Thursday eve!


T. L. said...

37 weeks! You are so close! I hope baby Jack makes his grand entrance sooner than later :)

Kelley Gilster said...

37 weeks and looking awesome!!

Leigh said...

How fun that you did that with your friends!