Friday, July 19, 2013

Are you the winner?

Surprisingly, only 6 of you entered for the cell phone case giveaway, but that just made their chances even better. I did it the old school way, names in a hat, a little toss, and picked a name.

I know most of you are happy its Friday, but I am hoping the weekend flies by since I am working the next 3 days. Can't wait for Monday so I can finally sleep in!!
I miss my Frap way too much on working days.

And lastly, my husband surprised me with new slippers! I wanted to be mad at the price tag, but they are soooo cute and he did throw my other ones away without asking. So I will just be thankful and enjoy them!


J and A said...

YAY Nikki! LOVE those slippers!!

Leigh said...

Congrats to Nikki! And that was awfully sweet of your husband to buy you slippers :)

Julie said...

Those look SO comfy!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Uggs are so comfortable!

CMae said...

I have the same slippers mine are over 3 years old and on their last leg lol but uggs are always worth the money in my opinion!