Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Medium Experience

I am sure most of you have watched "Long Island Medium" with Theresa Caputo on TLC. Watching her shows has made me long for that connection with my mom who has passed. One day while watching and crying my eyes out, I decided to do some research on local "mediums".
I found one about 25 minutes away, called her, and had a weird conversation with her. She asked who the young man was stepping forward....ummm... I have no idea... that killed it for me and immediately was over her.
Called the second one who had way more reviews but was just a tad further, and felt way more comfortable speaking with her on the phone. I decided to just go for it. I made an appointment for the following day.
While I was driving there, I was nervous. I had a hundred thoughts running thru my head. I have never been that person who has "felt" my mom's presence, but 100% I felt my mom in the car with me while I was driving there. That alone was such an amazing feeling for me.
Pulled up, knocked on her door, and in I went. She had me sign a piece of paper in the kitchen saying that I released our time together if she wanted to share it. While I was filling it out, she said, a woman is stepping forward, is this your mother? Tears filled my eyes and I knew I was in the right place.
I do need to listen to the tape again  because there is so much being said but a lot of it goes over your head and I only remember certain things. You know how Theresa does the weird lip smacking thing when shes nervous or connecting with those crossed over? Well this lady did this weird thing with her eyes, where they kind of shook.
She knew my mom had been passed for a good amount of time. Almost 14 years. As she spoke, I felt like I couldn't breath. I wanted time to freeze. I wanted nothing more for it to be real. She felt her breast area and asked if it was cancer.
She had me write out 10 questions before I came that I wanted answered to validate what she said.
Do I feel they were all answered? Not really but a few were big ones...
My dad had given my mom a gold diamond necklace when I was born, she wore it almost every single day. I now have said necklace, and I brought it with me. I tucked it in my pocket, and wanted nothing more than for her to mention the necklace. And she did.
I was very careful to not give her too much information, and for her to just control the conversation. I have always thought my mom and aunt (who is also passed) visit me in hummingbird form. Whenever I am in the backyard and see them, I always say Hi mom or just smile knowing its them.
I again wanted her to mention this. And she did. She asked if I feel my mother in a bird form. Didn't specifically say hummingbird but I was pleased with her mentioning it.
One of my questions was about my husband. She said my mom thought he was cute. Said she was proud of me.  She also answered a personal question about something in our future, time will tell on that one.
When I left, I left confused. I felt like I needed time to process it. There were things she said that were amazing to me, and other things that made no sense.
Was it worth the $140? ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY.
Every dollar was worth it.
I can only hope it was real. But I wanted more. I wanted her back.
Guess it's time for me to re-listen to the tape and see how I feel and if I get anything new from it.
Sorry this was so long and a little all over the place.


The Pink Growl said...

WOW that's powerful!

Lauren said...

That is so interesting. I have never heard a first person experience but the things she knows on that show are always so specific. I think it's cool how she was able to pinpoint some specifics in your case.

Leigh said...

I've never been to one but your experience sounds interesting! What was the biggest reason you decided to go?

Kelly B. said...

this is so special, and while I'd consider myself a skeptic, too... this seem so genuine! Regardless, all that matters is how it made YOU feel, and I'm happy you got to experience that!

Jordon said...

This is INCREDIBLE! I love hearing stories like this.

Monic Sutter said...

WOW I believe that people we love try contacting us after they have passed. Your blog is lovely and Id love to follow each other

Simply Sutter

allison said...

This is so interesting! i recently attended a group reading, and the medium was exactly like Theresa as well. my mom and i had an amazing experience! i also recorded it all, and as soon as we left my mom and i relistened to the entire thing. i'm so glad that i recorded it because the whole thing was so emotionally overwhelming that i feel like i blacked out a lot of it. it's almost indescribable! the medium we saw was spot on with many things, and knew several random details. because it was a group reading, she had to move onto the others in the group, so my mom and i have been considering making an appointment for a private session. but she is booked up until july! i'm so glad you had a good experience, too. it's amazing to hear from a parent who has passed!!

Becky said...

I'm so glad you foung it worth it!! That all sounds really interesting - I'm a mess when I watch her show too haha.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I am SO glad that this was a positive and filling experience for you. Can you go back again or does it not work like that? That's so great that she made that connection for you.

Krista Lynn said...

Wow! This sounds like a powerful experience! I have never seen the show on TLC, but it's so amazing the details you described! Hope it was a positive experience overall... I'm curious if you notice anything in the tape you didn't notice right away in person. Good for you though, for doing that! It probably took a lot of courage!


Katie said...

Oh my goodness, I've so wanted to do this since my Dad has passed. I've never wanted anything to do with Mediums until I had somebody close to me pass away. Now, I'm just afraid to make the first step....glad you had such a great experience!

brittany @ g squared said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I have always wanted to visit one of these people, and maybe I will after reading this. I am sure it was not easy for you, but so glad you got to feel your Mom for a little while :)