Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday already?

Where did the week go??

I am not complaining as I am off this weekend (well except for 3 lovely hours on Saturday).

I feel like I only have baby related topics these days, but honestly that's what is consuming my days and thoughts. Will be 32 weeks this weekend, hoping he comes around 37-38 weeks. I am tired of the heartburn, the back pain, and running on tired 24-7. No one told me I would be this tired before he ever got here..

Any who, I have been thinking non stop about french toast so my dad and I had breakfast on Tuesday morning and it was fantastic!

We also finally got our stroller picked out. Not that we had many options as the Britax didn't convert with many others but we got one that I really like (and I think most are ugly and too big)

I love that this little guy can find the sun anywhere. Loves to warm his bones.

Lastly, the latest bump picture from the King's game on Tuesday night. Was fun to have a night out with the hubs and the boys won. Win Win in my book!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You are looking great!

J and A said...

LOVE you in your jersey!!

Deena Imamura said...

Aren't you so excited hockey season is back?! I totally thought of you watching the Kings the other night, too! Hope all is well! xo

Kelley Gilster said...

Super cute bump! Was stroller shopping overwhelming?! It seems like there are so many options our there!