Tuesday, August 3, 2010

and Roberto wins her heart!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Its a busy Tuesday here at the office and thankfully its almost lunch time. I can never remember what I did on the weekends lol... but ill try and recap... Friday I stayed in with Frap since Kyle had a wedding, he was at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara (soooo nice!) On Saturday I met Andrea for a coffee date since she is off to Cabo for 16 days! So jealous!! I will miss her though!  That night Kyle and I went to a friends house for a game night. We played catch phrase and it was so fun! Any of you girls have it? Sunday we lounged around, he went on a motorcycle ride with his friends and I caught up on shows. We spent some money at traders joes and got a new comforter/sheets at TJMaxx for $100.

On to the Bachelorette! Who watched??!! I was soooooo sad for Chris. My heart seriously hurt. I know its TV and all but I still could feel his pain. I knew she was going to end up with Roberto, the passion was way more obvious. I really hope they make Chris the next Bachelor. I was so happy to see a rainbow in the sky for him. Such an amazing moment letting him know his mom was right there.

Tonight we are off to dinner with Kyles grandpa who is in town just for the night. Tomorrow I am testing with the police department for a 911 dispatcher job. This is something that I have wanted for a long long time. We will see how it plays out...  


love jenny xoxo said...

yay for Roberto! Do you think they will last?

Good luck tomorrow!!

Jessica said...

of course I watched!! I was sat for chris too but I thought that it was really nice of her to just let him go instead of waiting til the rose ceremony. ahh yes the rainbow- perfect timing!
I hope he's the next Bachelor too! (but i'm still team kirk ha ha )

CMae said...

I watched it while taping it.....I REALLY hope they end up like Trista and Ryan!