Thursday, August 5, 2010


So I took that test yesterday for the dispatcher position.... found out there are 300 testing and they are hiring 6. I have been thru this process before and a lot of people end up dropping out, disqualifying, etc. The woman said if we get an email in the next few days than we didn't pass... I think they will wait until the majority of people are done taking it (over the next 2-3 weeks) and then the people with the highest scores will go on to interview step. I am so praying that this is the next step for me. I am over my current job and I think I would be really good at being a dispatcher. But I try and remember it will work out the way its supposed to. The test is really hard to tell how I did... there were 15 sections so obviously I thought some were better than others... I have been checking my email like crazy even though I don't think she would have emailed that fast. I think people that scored a 70-75 and below are automatically out and those are the peeps that will be getting the email. I took it a year ago and scored a 90 so I'm hoping I'm somewhere in the same ballpark. We will see...

Tonight I am meeting that friend I wrote about a few days ago. I definitely plan on telling her how hurt I am that she didn't come to me to tell me she is now friends with my ex bff. And I'm hoping she will see my side of things. I hate finding things out on facebook. I will get to see her engagement ring and new boobs too lol.

Well thank gosh tomorrow is finally Friday! I'm drinking a strawberry margarita tonight for sure!


Jessica said...

dang, that's a lot of people. sending good luck alllll the way from VA! ha ha

and I hope the meeting tonight goes well. I get so anxious in that type of situation- I just do not do confrontations well!

Barras' said...

Drink one for me too! :] Happy Friday! (almost)

love jenny xoxo said...

Geez that's a ton of people! sometimes waiting is the hardest part because there is nothing more to do!

Good luck and have a nice weekend!!