Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Night at the Fair

Last night we went to the fair that is currently in town. We met up with Brooke and Brian and had a fun few hours. We ate, ate, and ate some more. My favorite are these little fresh warm donuts that are made while you order. Soooo yummy! I felt to weird taking my camera out lol. But they are little warm sugary/cinnamon goodness. I never got the funnel cake I wanted as I was freezing and full but they sure looked good. I also went on two rides, fun but sketchy!!
This is from last year, its no longer around... wonder if something happened on it somewhere...

I am on this ride above!! It was nuts!!!
I am also so excited because there are currently three different agencies testing for the 911 dispatcher job in my area so I'm really hoping one of these work out for me. It would be a dream come true!!

Tonight I will be watching Big Brother and going to bed early!! I am still exhausted from staying up too late this week. Tomorrow night we are off to AZ for the weekend!!  


Miss V said...

Love your fair pictures!! Looks like the same one that was up here!! I'm sure it is just traveling up and down CA! I will keep you in my prayers for the job I know how nerve wracking it can be!! xoxo

J and A said...

Hey! I am your newest follower! Cute pics! :)

~KS said...

I'm headed to the fair tonight!! Cannot wait!

I just started following your sweet blog... and I added you to my blog roll.

And guess what else?!? You won my giveaway! Hooray!! Check out my blog post and send me your address when you get a chance. I will send your goodies out first thing tomorrow :)

Jessica W said...

ah we have a fair here every summer too and is the first year I haven't gone. It seems to have gotten a lot more creepy than back in the day- or maybe I am just more aware of it..but it brings out everyoneee from the woodworks here..and grosses me out. We had that same ride- called the Zipper- and I rode it once. I can't say I'll ride a fair ride again- it freaks me out how fast they put them up and take them down.

(I didn't make my layout- i SO wish I knew how to do one tho- I really want cute fonts for my titles and such but I can't figure it out!)

love jenny xoxo said...

Cool pics at the fair! My eyes are always bigger than my stomach and the food tastes food but makes my tummy hurt!

So who do you like on Big Brother?