Friday, August 20, 2010

Double Date Night!

Its Friday!! Woohoo!!! One more hour until I am out of work!! I am completely exhausted because Frappy hasn't been feeling to well and been up almost every night this week with him. Tonight we are going to dinner at Woodranch with our friends that just got married a few weeks ago, have any of you girls been to Woodranch before? My mouth is watering just thinking about the rolls they serve with dinner.
After dinner we are going to see "The Other Guys"
Hopefully I don't fall asleep!! I am sipping my caramel macchiato right now hoping for fuel :)
Tomorrow I heard Macy's is having a one day shoe sale so I'm going to hit that up when they open. I would also love to lay out by the pool if the sun corporates :) In the evening I am going to see Eat Pray Love with Andrea. I haven't read the book but that might be a good thing since books are usually better.
Sunday I would love to go for a hike and then just relax. In the evening we are having another double date at a Mexican restaurant. Should be a good weekend!!

P.S. I am always wanting to take pictures but none of my friends know I have this blog so I try not to come across all crazy with always wanting pictures lol...


Aimee said...

LOL take pictures and be crazy! Your friends will thank you later when you have all the documentation of the fun time.

Ive never been to woodranch. Will have to check it out. Have fun on your double date!

J and A said...

1 day sale! Jealous! I wish we had Macy's - sigh.