Monday, August 9, 2010


Have any of you girls tried the bombshell bra at VS?? Holy smokes! Padding for days!! I was just wishing I had bigger boobs and then I tried this bra on and whoa nelly! Now I think mine are just fine. I am still debating on buying the bra for certain occasions but still not sure... Tried it on Saturday and Sunday but still wasn't convinced I needed wanted it.

My weekend was good... really low key. Friday night KT and I rented The Green Zone with Matt Damon. It was an okay movie... Saturday we had lunch, then I hit the mall with a friend. Sunday we went to lunch, then to a friends housewarming party. They had really yummy food and lots of cocktails to choose from. Did any of you watch The Bunny House on E! last night? And tonight starts The Bachelor Pad... not sure how much I will like this show but I will try it...

Tomorrow after work we are going to the Fair in my town. Soooo excited!! I cannot wait for a funnel cake!! I don't really do the rides anymore.... tooo sketchy for me.... But I love to walk around and look in all the buildings and eat bad food :)


Jessica said...

nah, never tried that bra! I am not much into padded bras anyways!
darnnnn i missed The Bachelor Pad! Did you like it?! I just wanna see Kypton and Kirk! ha ha

Maubrey said...

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Misty Michelle said...

LMAO!!! I totally went to Vicky's before my weekend away with Ryan and I tried on this bra. I felt like I had two bald headed midgets in a headlock!
It is a little ridiculous on the padding for me.. it comes with a bra and boobs.. hahaha

Glad you had a good weekend Hun!! :)

love jenny xoxo said...

What did you think of Bachelor Pad? I'm definitely going to watch it again, and I'm glad Craig didn't get voted out right away.

~KS said...

I have a small chest and I bought the bombshell and absolutely LOVE it!!! It's kind of a miracle :)

Aimee said...

I have this bra in 2 different colors. I wear it all the time. I was thinking of getting a boob job but this is a much cheaper alternative and I am in LOVE with it. I want to get it in all the different colors. :)

BTW I heard about your blog from While You Are Waiting. Congrats on winning that giveaway :) Im going to subscribe...Seem like a cool person. I also live in southern CA