Thursday, August 26, 2010

Score! Score! Score!

I am so excited about a few things!! I had wanted to buy a certain dress for my niece from Target but had a hard time dishing out $13 dollars for it... and when I went the other night I found it on sale for $9! Here is a picture of it...
I also found her this adorable shirt for $5
They are both in size 12 months and she turns 1 next month! Cant wait to see her face! I am also excited because they are coming down to visit this weekend! As in tomorrow!! I miss those kids so much!!

I was at the mall last night having dinner at cheesecake Factory and I stopped by VS on the way out and saw this bathing suit top on sale for $9.99! Had to have it!

And I just found out I won a giveaway over at Allison's blog! Ill have a new lunch bag soon!!

I can't wait to have my first giveaway! If you aren't following me maybe you should start :)
Tonight on Big Brother is double eviction night! I know some of you like that show with me! I am pulling for Britney to win, and if not her, ill go for Brendon even though he is annoying Rachel whipped! He at least has been fighting to stay in the house.
Ok I think that's it for today friends!


J and A said...

Good finds! I am going crazy shopping for my niece now that I know it's a girl! So bad, but so fun!

Jessica W said...

you scored some great deals! I love that new bikini top!! and Congrats on winning the lunch tote!!

~KS said...

Nice finds... I love a good deal. And you won a giveaway!!! Woo hoo!! How exicting is that?!?! Enjoy your awesome stuff!!

the queen said...

I saw that you loved BB and I had to follow you! I like your writings too!