Monday, August 23, 2010

Orange things and Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a good weekend!! Amazing how fast they go by right?? Friday night we had a fun double date, dinner was yummy and the company was even better. We saw 'The Other Guys' and that wasn't so good... it was hardly funny and a waste of time to me...

Saturday I had lunch with the boy before he had to leave for his wedding. I then stopped by my dads to say hi and pick up Frappy and was so excited to see an orange package arrived for me! Sure enough, everything KS sent was something orange! This totally made my day and everything she sent was sooo great!

I can't wait to do a fun giveaway like this!!!

Saturday afternoon I met my friend Andrea at the movies to see Eat Pray Love. It was really good. I know most people read the book already but I didn't and now I want to. I would def recommend the movie. Afterwards we had dinner and caught up since she just returned from Cabo.

Sunday, the boy and I went to Nordstrom Rack and I only found one thing. I probably could have found more but I was being picky. We then took a two hour nap and then I went and saw Frappy. Last night we had dinner with another couple and called it a night. I missed Big Brother because Tivo was all messed up. Grrr.
Ok that's it for today, off to read your blogs!


Aimee said...

Yay for the package. I LOVE LOVE Skittles Crazy Cores. They are harder to find too. Lucky.

Sounds like a great weekend. I want to see Eat Pray Love

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Aww what a fun package!

~KS said...

I liked Eat Pray Love... but since I had read the book, I was also expecting a little more. But it was worth seeing for sure.
And glad to know that The Other Guys was lame. I will cross it off my list of movies to see!!
And hooray for your orange goodies!!! Glad they made it to you safe and sound :)

The Conway's said...

The package looks like a lot of fun!! So creative!!